Tour one of the most popular house plans on – Tideland Haven!

Tideland Haven House Plan | Our Town Plans

This stunning house plan has remained one of the top house plans featured on as well as Southern Living for all these years, and the popularity is not slowing down, it might even be picking up! (Perhaps our quest to be outdoors makes this THE perfect house plan in this day and age!) It has so many wonderful features…

This is the Tideland Haven house plan offered by Our Town Plans – for Southern Living. This plan is 2,418 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms – and, as you can see, glorious porches! As I mentioned, this plan has remained one of the top house plans on as well as being a top selling plan on Southern Living!

The Tideland Haven house plan seems to have catapulted itself into stardom. Personally, I think it’s a fabulous plan that allows you to take full advantage of your view. If you’re on the water – I cannot image a more stunning plan that uses your view as art for your home. If you’re in a wooded area – Wow… same goes for you. No matter where Tideland Haven is located, it’s sure to be a beauty!

Just one of my (many) favorite details: the PORCHES! There are fabulous porches, and one screened porch. An outdoor fireplace adds to the ✨I LOVE IT✨ vibe. There is so much added square footage (that will be used constantly) outdoors. There is also a nice and private master suite and windows galore… a stunning view from just about anywhere you look.

When building your dream home there are so many details. Tweaks each of us may make to a plan to make it really work for us and our family. The questions that may arise may seem to boggle the mind – wondering if a change you’re thinking about will really work, what will it truly look like, etc.

What if I told you there there is a FABULOUS Facebook group out there to assist with your questions and comments. It’s called the Tideland Haven House Plan by Southern Living (click the link). It’s a wonderful venue to see opinions from a diverse group – the pros and cons and other ideas you may not have thought of. See different exteriors, interiors, lighting, etc. There is so much benefit to a valuable Facebook page this.🏆 SHOUT OUT to Lyne Lassen, the creator and keeper of the Tideland Haven Facebook page (no small feat!) – her passion for detail and willingness to share knowledge is commendable. And to Suzanne Strickland from Our Town Plans- who answers questions so eloquently ! 🙌 What a wonderful group to ask (or answer!) questions!

I know right now, you’re thinking THANK GOODNESS for the Facebook page – there is more information that can help me make an informed decision, especially since I can’t actually see a house – it’s good to have photos, right? Ahhh, but there is something else in the worksA TIDELAND HAVEN HOUSE PLAN TOUR! Not just any tour, this one is extra special. There are two Tideland Haven homes in North Carolina that will open their doors for tours.

To refresh your memory on the floorpan – visit my website for links to the real images:

Tideland Haven House Plan | Our Town Plans

October 1-2, 2022! his information is from their “Tideland Haven Tour Weekend” Facebook page:

“Tentative agenda includes Saturday morning tour of the Lassen Tideland Haven (2BR), lunch at River Dunes, afternoon round table with Suzanne Strickland Stern of Our Town Plans, the Lassen’s project manager and others. Afternoon activities can include water sports, SouthernLiving Idea House tour, visit Oriental’s waterfront, etc. Dinner will be local. Sunday we will tour the Ritter home in Fayetteville. Theirs is the 3BR version and also Tideland haven Garage”.

So if you’re considering this house plan and would like to see it in person, check out the tour – if you can’t make the tour, definitely check out their Facebook page – there are over 750 members currently – it’s an excellent way to share ideas, photos, and thoughts on building this uber popular house plan. I love the sense of community on the Tideland Haven Facebook page – people helping each other out, asking/answering questions on changes they’re thinking of making – offering ideas that others may not have thought of. Each person ends up with a Tideland Haven that is uniquely their own.

Tideland Haven is an award winning house plan created by Historical Concepts.

Tideland Haven (SL-1375) link  | link  | link

Tideland Haven Facebook page  |  Tideland Haven Tour 2022 Facebook page

👩‍💻 Until next time…

All images via above links, used with permission…
Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.

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