The Lost Kitchen (Erin French) – Gift Market Finds…

The Lost Kitchen (Erin French) – Gift Market Finds…

We are big fans of The Lost Kitchen, a restaurant owned by Erin French, located in Freedom, Maine. Erin has become a remarkable success – through hard work and dedication she has built an amazing restaurant and even during the pandemic has found ways (Farmers Market and a Gift Market) to help others sell their goods.

We pretty much had a Maine Christmas, even though we didn’t leave our home in Charleston, SC. One of our finds from the gift market was this candle by Near & Native – “White Pine” made with coconut wax and a wooden wick! It’s a refillable candle (which probably makes more sense if you live closer to where they refill, but you CAN ship via USPS Flat Rate where it doesn’t count weight), but still, it sounds divine and… IT IS! That’s just one item of several that we purchased and wow, everything was top notch! We have NEVER had a candle burn so clean and without smoke! The wooden wick is amazing and the candle stays even and smells divine!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Erin French (*gasp*) she has an amazing story which you can preorder – (book comes out in April 2021) – She adds her touch to everything and that makes it so special. The items ordered from the gift market arrived wrapped in pretty tissue with a sprig of red berries, which I added to our Christmas tree.

I mentioned Erin’s book, FINDING FREEDOM: A Cook’s Story; Remaking a Life from Scratch, which has more than one meaning, The Lost Kitchen restaurant is located in Freedom, Maine. Check out the website! FINDTHELOSTKITCHEN.COM

We haven’t eaten at the Lost Kitchen (yet!), it’s on our list! Each year the restaurant is booked for the year in hours… I’m not sure how they will do it once the pandemic is over, if it will be a lottery system or what, but rest assured it will be fair and amazing. So if you don’t make it this year, try for another year!

BIG NEWS: The Lost Kitchen show is now on the Magnolia Network (Joanna and Chip Gaines) and available to stream on Discovery Plus!!

🤦‍♀️ If this post looks a tad familiar to my subscribers I apologize! I was working on my blog and thought I changed the date from 2020 to 2021 (I’m was writing my post ahead to have time off with my husband!) – well apparently I neglected to do that or there was a glitch. So you are fine, it was me! 😉

🍽 Book image via, Candle image – Me

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