A Celebratory Day!

A beautiful day for celebrating…

I love the change of seasons here in South Carolina. While it’s not as noticeable as the northern states it does have some color changes that are spectacular. There are certain trees that change color, this one especially, so bright and celebratory. As if ringing in the beginning of the holiday season or a very special day…

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

It’s also my Dad’s birthday, and I would like to wish him the happiest birthday of all! Full of good health, happiness and joy, day after day, forever and ever.

This has been a tough few years. I hadn’t seen my parents for almost two years when I booked an impromptu trip home for a few days back in the summer. There was a lot going on so I didn’t take many photos that trip. Fred and I had fully intended on getting back there in the near future, but things happen and plans change… so, SOON. I can’t wait to see you dad… SOON!

You’re the best dad in the world. We’re sending birthday wishes for the happiest in all the land. Filled with cake (or pie), Pickleball games galore, a warming of weather enough to go golfing and maybe head out on the water and get some fishing in. Ok, that may be a stretch, especially where you’re located but hey, you never know! 🤞😘🎂🏌️🎣🥳🎉🙏


xo, me

✍️ Until next time…


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