A Few of My Favorite Kitchen Tools

My favorites, used almost daily…

Do you have a few favorite kitchen tools? I never thought I needed a kitchen scale, or a meat thermometer, but have always loved a good kitchen knife. Things have changed – for the better! What a difference these tools make!

Last year I signed up for America’s Test Kitchen, to access the recipes and read their reviews on just about everything. Their suggestions for everything from chickpeas (Goya – Salted) to kitchen scales have been so helpful. If you start to look, for instance – at kitchen scales, there a so many to choose from – how to figure it out? If you read their review, they test things from so many different angles, so you know you’re getting the best. The kitchen scale is Ozeri, Model ZK14-R this wasn’t the winner, it was the “Best Buy – Highly Recommended”, but the price is so much less. The winner is $49.95 and the Ozeri is $13.96 (Amazon) – I bought mine for $9.99 (sometimes different colors are cheaper). This one is awesome and works for me in every way! Besides measuring baking ingredients like flour, etc. (because it’s far more accurate than using a measuring cup), I use it to split pasta if I really need it to be a certain amount, and for so many other uses!

Another great review I read was for meat thermometers (which I use for various other foods as well) – I ended up selecting an OXO brand, because I love the brand. It’s accurate and easy to use. I use it to determine when a baked potato or sweet potato is done! Whoa! No more guessing. There have been several baked potatoes where they seem done, perfect and ready to eat. You slice them in half and UGH… not. quite. done. If you check them temp with a meat thermometer and it reaches 210℉ – it’s DONE! (It also helps to weigh the potato so you know about how long to cook it before you test it.)

RUSSET POTATOES – Done when they reach 210℉

5 ounce: 45 minutes at 400℉ or 60 minutes at 350℉

8-10 ounce: 60 minutes at 400℉ or 80 minutes at 350℉

SWEET POTATOESDone when they reach 205-212℉

Bake at 425℉ for approximately 45-50 minutes (depending upon the size of your sweet potato).

I wash/dry my sweet potatoes, then place on foil covered cookie sheet, poke them with a fork several times – mine take about an hour for an 8oz sweet potato.

And I cannot finish this post without mentioning my favorite knife (WÜSTHOF Classic Hollow Edge Santoku). I guess the brand doesn’t matter as long as you find one that is comfortable in your hand, is sharp (and you keep it that way) – I have a larger Chef’s knife that I use for chopping carrots, etc., but this is my favorite! What are some of your favorite kitchen tools? I would love to hear!

✍️ Until tomorrow…


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