Featured Artist: Sarah G. Lee!

Morning Walk by Sarah G Lee   36×36″  Acrylic

Sarah G. Lee. A wonderful artist from Maine with a unique abstract quality. There is no mistaking the Maine coast, that’s for sure! Those trees! I am fascinated by them!

I absolutely love everything about Sarah’s website and Instagram. This woman is so creative (in a multitude of ways!) and clearly loves the area where she and her husband have (fairly) recently moved… Maine. A place near and dear to so many of us. Maine is home to so many creative people. Sarah is a fabulous artist, but she’s also into other things that intrigue me, such as punch needle pillows, her drop cloth pillows are amazing, and if you’re an artist with a cool spattered drop cloth that is what Sarah is looking for, she has something called the “DROP SWAP” – you click on the link, fill out the form and send a photo of your drop cloth. If selected (they do need to have a certain look that would make them appealing as pillows), in exchange for your drop cloth, Sarah will give you a 6×6″ pin pillow made from your drop cloth OR she will replace your spattered drop cloth with a new drop cloth! The coolest part (well, besides the pillow), is that the pillows that are made from your drop cloth are named after YOU! Your chance at fame is closer than you think! I love this!

One day I would also like to take one of her punch needle workshops. It looks like everyone has so much fun! It’s nice that someone in town has punch needle workshops, gatherings and a great way to spend time with friends while learning something new (or perfecting your craft). Sarah even sells kits on her website that she makes up. Check out the Workshop link below to see the upcoming workshops in March and April 2020.

Sarah was featured by Maine Home and Designa fabulous article – don’t miss it! Be sure to check out her website and The Metal Shop (links below) she sells so many wonderful items online!

See more of Sarah’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  The Metal Shop  | Workshops


Sarah G Lee was born in 1958 in Connecticut, though she’d say her creative soul was born on Deer Isle in Maine during her early childhood.

Sarah’s foundation in design and appreciation for texture-in-space was built by her natural surroundings and exposure to design ideas from an early age. Sarah was raised among architects and builders, and by a mother whose design sense was pitch perfect. The scale and complexity of Maine’s rugged landscape, and the way the trees and rocks were intertwined with the area’s architecture and design, influenced her aesthetic and the central role of nature in her life and work.

As a child, Sarah created her own spaces with an abundance of enthusiasm and a knack for design. In the woods, she worked “room” by “room”, floor-planning in a maze of large granite castoffs and fallen branches, imagining the tall spruce and pines protecting her from the elements. This early passion—for design, for texture, for space and color—has only expanded and is what now animates in her work and making it so engaging. Her works are built very much like those childhood environments from the elements of the vibrant world around her and her imaginative powers.

Sarah majored in the visual arts in college and continued to study art, in many forms, after graduation and throughout her life. Her work today grows out of her ever greater technical abilities across mediums, and her willingness to experiment.

Her work is gestural, abstract and multi-layered. Having worked professionally in interior design, she draws inspiration for texture from her knowledge of, and interest in, textiles. Her abstract work is grounded in realism, making its sources a point of connection for the viewer. The pieces are an emotional response to a certain place or time that she wants to bring the viewer to; she hopes they come along to find beauty and inspiration.

New to Tenants Harbor, Sarah is at home nestled among the spruce, just a glance and a whiff from the ocean.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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