Featured Artist: Julie Prichard!

Reef by Julie Prichard 24×24″

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Featured Artist: Stephen Stauffer!

Winter Slumber at Silver Lake by Stephen Stauffer 9×12″ Oil

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Featured Artist: Beverly Bruntz!

Echinacea Trio in Gray by Beverly Bruntz 6×6″ Oil

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Featured Artist: Elaine Abel!

French Toast by Elaine Abel  10×10″  Oil

Elaine Abel. So many artists that I run across are from the state of Maine. I think there is something to the beauty of Maine, it feeds creative souls, that’s for sure! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Elaine Abel!”

Featured Artist: Catherine Freshley!

Wichita July Day by Catherine Freshley 48×60″ Acrylic

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[Re]Featured Artist: Christopher Long!

The Morning I Got Lost Near San Luis Obispo by Christoper Long 12×12 Oil

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Featured Artist: Michele Mozzone!

Opus by Michele Mozzone 14×24″ Pastel

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