Featured Artist: Zufar Bikbov!

White Rhapsody by Zufar Bikbov 12×9″ Oil

Zufar Bikbov. A wildly talented artist. Perusing his website trying to make a decision on which painting to feature wasn’t easy. This one grabbed me right off, but so did most of them, check for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Zufar Bikbov!”


Fishing For Elephants by Larry Moore | En Train Air Artists Travel & Paint!

As I mentioned over the weekend, many people tell themselves that they can’t draw – but that’s not true! If you can write, you can draw! It just takes practice. LOTS of practice. I would guess that 99% of artists do not pick up a brush and create a masterpiece time after time. Painting (like drawing) takes practice. Lots of practice. It takes a lot of paintings before you get your groove.  Continue reading “Fishing For Elephants by Larry Moore | En Train Air Artists Travel & Paint!”

Yes YOU Can!

A Quirky iPad Sketch

Have any of you used your iPad to sketch? The app that I loved never updated for my current iPad, so I am using a different app and it’s ok (I don’t need fancy), but eh… not my favorite. Wondering what you use? Continue reading “Yes YOU Can!”

Featured Artist: Sari Shryack!

Pineapple Jam and Papaya Still Life No. 2 by Sari Shryack  24×30″ Acrylic

Sari Shryack. Continue reading “Featured Artist: Sari Shryack!”

Featured Artist: Brent Cotton!

Winter’s Embrace by Brent Cotton 12×16″ Oil

Brent Cotton is an artist who is so wildly talented that it takes your breath away. The way he captures the light in his paintings is awe inspiring. Winter’s Embrace is no exception! I featured Brent back in September of 2016, but just had to share his work with you again!

Continue reading “Featured Artist: Brent Cotton!”