Featured Artist: Rebecca Kinkead!

Cosmic Hula by Rebecca Kinkead 60×48″ Oil/Wax

I have featured Rebecca Kinkead in the past – her dog paintings… Oh! How I love them. Rebecca also has a way with painting portraits, you’ve got to read more about her latest project entitled the NEIGHBOR PROJECT – a good way to meet the neighborhood when moving to a new area. Look how many portraits she has painted #crazycool! This project has morphed into a global “neighbor project” – which I think is really cool!

Due to the circumstances that we all face due to the Coronavirus and the fact that most of us are under a Stay At Home order (or at least SHOULD be) – Rebecca is moving with the times to find a new way to continue to paint portraits – She had a project called, The FaceTime Chapter! Interested parties could contact Rebecca via a link to request a session.

For April, she is doing the ESSENTIAL WORKERS, here is a description:

Essential Workers

April 2020 / Planet Earth

For the next chapter in A Neighbor Project, I’m seeking essential workers to sit for 30-minute portrait sessions over FaceTime (or a similar app).  These workers are providing life-sustaining and essential services to our communities across the globe. I join many others in celebrating their bravery and devotion.

👩‍🎨 If YOU, or someone you know is an Essential Worker (any essential services across the world) and would like to sit for a session, contact Rebecca via THIS LINK… then click on Request Session!

See more of Rebecca’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Projects


I have always painted inches away from my canvas. From solitary owls to noble horses, loyal dogs to children playing, I’m most comfortable with large expanses of canvas, when I can work almost from within the painting, stepping away and then back in, until it is able to breathe on its own.

My work has evolved to match the freedom and expansiveness that Vermont offers. Similarly, I co-created a paint recipe blending oils, wax, and chalk that captures the luminescence and movement of the animals and people before me.

Recently, I began The Neighbor Project, a series of paintings that invites anyone to sit for me and allow me to capture them in a moment. These paintings are a celebration of the raw, messiness and beauty of being human alongside each other.

From simplified images of children mid-leap to majestic animals who stop for a split-second, my paintings are an invitation to immerse yourself in a fleeting moment – to catch something of your own life in their eyes, and something of theirs in yours.

✍️ Until next time…



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