Featured Artist: Rebecca Kinkead!

Shake (Blue Sky) by Rebecca Kinkead 33x45
Shake (Blue Sky) by Rebecca Kinkead
25×33″ Oil

Rebecca Kinkead. WOW. Her paintings generate smiles. Big, very happy smiles. Shake (Blue Sky), above, is so fabulous, I love how you can just feel the water as this dog shakes. So happy, so wonderful in every way! Rebecca’s paintings stir a sense of happiness… especially if you love dogs, and I do!

Window (Grey Squirrel) by Rebecca Kinkead 56x48
Window (Grey Squirrel) by Rebecca Kinkead
56×48″ Oil

This painting makes me think of our own beast, a Jack Russell named Charlie. He has so much character with his wild flying hair and his circus like antics. Charlie loves squirrels (and cats, and birds, and Lizzy’s and basically anything that moves)! He will spend hours “watching TV” (looking out of the sunroom window watching the squirrels in the yard, in the tree, running around, digging in HIS dirt… they jump into the tree, look him in the eye and eat HIS acorns, twitching happily, knowing that Charlie can’t get through the window). This painting, with the dog’s tail wagging a mile a minute is precious!!

I want, I want! Ha ha!

Read a bit about Rebecca’s paintings, from her website:

These paintings are based on memories, both personal and borrowed.

They are an attempt to explore a collective human experience.

Details and features remain ambiguous, inviting the viewer to seek something of themselves in the work.

The figure (human and animal) has provided a generous vehicle for color, form and surface to evolve.

Paint and wax are layered, dripped and scraped to create a sense that the subject is still emerging…

 still ‘becoming’.

 — rebecca kinkead

All images via RebeccaKinkead.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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