5 Star Recipe: Pasta with Kale, Pecorino, Toasted Walnuts and Lemon!


Today, I am sharing one of my all time favorite recipes. It’s quick, healthy, and tastes so good you will be blown away! This recipe has whole wheat (or multigrain) pasta, toasted walnuts, pecorino cheese, garlic and lemon… it’s quick to toss together and it tastes like 5-star dining! Thank you Anne Blair Brown for sharing this recipe!

You may know Anne from her many stunning paintings… her work has always been a favorite of ours. You know how some people just have that touch. She’s got it. In spades! Looking at Anne’s paintings you can tell she pushes herself, she is dedicated and it shows. Stunning. Check out her website! And apparently it doesn’t just apply to painting… high-five Anne – this recipe is awesome, thanks for sharing!

Click HERE to print recipe only (minus all my blah, blah, blah)…!

A few notes (from me) – be sure to use the Lacinato Kale, it’s not the kale that is in the big bags in the grocery store, it’s much more subtle, it’s not tough, it’s perfect and wonderful and I love it! I’m ready to get a”KALE SNOB” bumper sticker, ha ha (kidding!)…

Update: I tried whole wheat pasta about ten years ago, and it was so bad I couldn’t believe it. So the first few times I made this recipe I used whole grain pasta. Well… I broke down and had to try it again and it was FABULOUS! I bought the Whole Foods 365 brand, and it was out of this world. For those of you who are gluten sensitive – I have also made this recipe with brown rice pasta (Jovial brand – highly recommend!)… it was absolutely delicious. The only pasta I haven’t tried this with is regular white pasta… trying to do away with all the white (sugar, flour, pasta, etc.)… Good luck!

Lacinato Kale (Tuscan Kale)
Lacinato Kale (Tuscan Kale)

Ok, here it is… run out and buy the ingredients if you don’t already have! I’m excited to say, this is what’s for dinner tonight!

Recipe via Anne Blair Brown
Recipe via Anne Blair Brown

Recipe from artist Anne Blair Brown, used with permission 🙂

Catch you back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “5 Star Recipe: Pasta with Kale, Pecorino, Toasted Walnuts and Lemon!

  1. When I first saw Anne post this, I wanted to try it. I am definitely going to now! Can you buy that kale at “regular” grocery stores or do I need to go to like a Whole Foods or something? I’m not much of a kale eater! And yes, agree on Anne! She is fabulous and was my VERY FIRST art workshop several years ago and I have had several with her since. She is not only a great artist but a fun person and kind soul as well! Great post Barbara!

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  2. Thanks Denise!
    I wasn’t a kale fan either. I ate it (mixed in mac & cheese, hee hee mostly)… the kind at the grocery store is thick and tough and looks to me like what they line salad bars with… but this is nice! Tuscan (Lacinato) kale is much more refined, like the classier cousin to regular tough kale. Use the entire bunch it really cooks down and has a fabulous flavor. The walnuts (and the pecorino) and the stars that make these flavors meld so nicely. Love, love, love this recipe!


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