Pork Chop and Potato Hash – A one-pan meal!

Pork Chop and Potato Hash – A one-pan meal!

We’re cooking a little differently during this time of “stay at home” due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We don’t want to risk health by going to the grocery store often, we’re trying to keep it to once a week or less. I had bought some potatoes, sweet potatoes, had frozen green beans, onion and a grilled pork chop that I cut into small pieces and froze.

Let me say. This was fabulous! I never made it with sweet potato, but my little Yukon Golds were having a moment. They were on the brink of despair, so after dissecting away the bad parts it was clear that SOMETHING had to take their place. So I used a sweet potato. Quantities of everything are whatever you like. In this example (serves 2), I had one grilled pork chop that was about an inch thick. We had grilled two originally and split one and I diced and froze the other. I washed the potatoes and peeled the sweet potatoes, then dropped them into boiling water until I could pierce with a sharp knife. Allow to cool and refrigerate.

When it comes time to make dinner, I used a non-stick skillet (you can use regular and use more oil), I added olive oil until hot, then added the potatoes, onion, pork chop and a few handfuls of frozen green beans (haricot vests – the thin ones) that I had thawed and dried a bit. Salt and pepper and a little cajun seasoning if you have it. Dinner was EXCEPTIONAL! There was some left over for a light lunch the next day. Best of all cleanup was a breeze, one pan *BOOM* kitchen is CLEAN!

Remember, it’s best if the potatoes are cold. You may have to add a little more oil here and there. I like for the potatoes to get a little brown and make sure everything is HOT.

You can substitute pretty much anything. The flavors all meld together and it turned out to be pretty too!



2 thoughts on “Pork Chop and Potato Hash – A one-pan meal!

    1. Thanks Jo! This is so good and can be made with whatever you happen to have. More veggies and no meat is always an option as well. Miss our recipe-talking days! #cookinglight 🙏🥰🙋‍♀️


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