Silver Creek Residence House Plan by Lake and Land Studio!

Silver Creek Residence Plan by Lake and Land Studio

This is the Silver Creek Residence house plan by Lake and Land Studio. This plan is 1,791 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The Silver Creek Residence plan is just the right size for us. This house has presence. I absolutely love it! Click the Silver Creek link above for interior and exterior images of what this plan could look like! It’s so helpful!

I love the LIVABILITY of the front and back porches and especially the screened side porch. I am in love! The screened porch would be my hangout!

To see detailed information and elevation images click HERE.

The garage is pretty spectacular as well. I like that it includes storage, as well as a carport and area to access the house, yet remain detached.

Silver Creek Residence Plan by Lake and Land Studio

Fabulous layout! An open living/kitchen area, with a wonderful master suite – and did you notice that the closet is a “safe room closet” – so when you wonder where you should head to during a tornado warning, etc. Wonder no more! I would love to have this in our current house. We have an older house with transoms everywhere so we have no room that doesn’t have glass. If you’ve seen the devastation from the tornados this past year in Mississippi, then you can understand why Lake and Land did this. It’s brilliant, I wish it was mandatory in every house!

Did you notice? There is also a pantry… be still my heart! Remember, if you love many things about this plan but there is something you wish was different, Lake and Land can work with you to make it exactly what you want it to be!

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