PROOF That I am Special!

In my efforts to organize, declutter, and basically get rid of anything that we haven’t used in a period of time, I came upon some memorabilia… In my opinion, this is PROOF that I am special, haha…

I have always like to write. I wrote letters to EVERYONE. As a very young kid I decided I wanted to become a psychologist. So I got out the yellow pages (for the Detroit, MI area) and I pulled three names that I liked. I wrote letters telling them that I was thinking about growing up to be a psychologist, but I wanted to learn more, what did they like, not like, etc. Of the three, one wrote back. Such a nice thing to do for a little kid. While I didn’t end up becoming a psychologist, I’ve always been interested in helping people. I am a good listener 🙂

Most of my letters to Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. I am very clear on my name, address, phone number, etc. so they don’t mistake me for a different Barbara somewhere else, ha ha. Avoid the catastrophes in life by being clear!

Ok, this may be creepy, because, well, there is the actual tooth that “herted the most”. Thankfully my spelling (for the most part) has gotten much better, ha ha.

Nice that I took my offering envelope to use as a “tooth case”. I did receive letters back from the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and even Santa! Santa wrote in square type font, it was so cool. I guess every kid’s Santa writes a little different, it’s part of what’s so cool about Santa, right?

Ahhh, the memories. Of all things, I could not let this go. I mean, what if I need that tooth one day, right? 😉

PS the date on the offering envelope MUST be a typo, otherwise that would make me very old, I’m sure it meant maybe 1991 not 1971!

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