Hoping these trees will be spared from the pruners…

Live Oak Lined Street | Charleston, SC

This is a beautiful street in Charleston, SC. It is lined with live oak trees planted 70-80 years ago.

There are a few streets in Charleston, SC that are lined with Live Oak trees that are considered “Grand” trees (trunk diameter greater than 24″). The tree canopy over the past 70-80 years is tremendous and it makes this area so special.

Their tree canopy is stunning and something that we notice each and every day. The trees come together over the street. The Spanish Moss hangs elegantly, catching the morning sun. The Resurrection Fern is abundant and looks lush, green and alive when we’ve had rain – when it’s dry and we haven’t had rain it curls and turns brown, until the next rain. It’s nothing short of a miracle!

Many of you have had trees pruned by your electric company (or their contractors). It seems there should be something to minimize damage to such beautiful trees. They are coming soon, and for the almost thirty years that we’ve lived here the trees have faired well. Hoping this time they will make it through.

It’s unnerving to say the least. I would think the very least that should happen is to STOP planting these trees directly underneath power lines. When that happens it’s only time before they are disfigured. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

What if anything have you done to help minimize damage in your area?

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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