Featured Artist: Maria Lundstrom!

Gardenparty by Maria Lundstrom 220 x 240cm Acrylic

Wonderful, right? I bet you’re smiling… I sure am! I mean, truly, how can you do anything but after seeing something so wonderful? And… what a wonderful setting! Beautiful shapes, fabulous colors, what a treat!

Maria Lundstrom, a stunning artist from Sweden. Every single piece of her work is gorgeous. The colors and shapes flow beautifully. Her paintings make me so happy.

Check out her fabulous Instagram posts – one painting after another overflowing with joy. Maria clearly enjoys creating works of art, each one emits radiance and is something this world needs right now!

I highly encourage you to read an interview by Tous Mag – A FLOW DIRECTLY TO CANVAS, link below – great interview and stunning images!

See more of Maria’s work via these links:

Instagram  |  Tous Mag Interview

✍️ Until next time…

ALL IMAGES/BIO VIA @maria_lundstrom (Instagram), USED WITH PERMISSION…

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