Featured Artist: Dot Courson!

Study for Home Grown Greens by Dot Courson 14×11″ Oil

Dot Courson, and artist from Mississippi that has such a talent for painting. Dot’s work is amazing. She painted this study (above) to get the feel of the setting to use to paint a larger painting. Studies are often done plein air (outside) where you can see and paint with the real light – versus painting from an image. It seems you can catch so many little details that way. The tree next to the house about midway up on the right side it looks like light is hitting the branches. Striking. It’s the little things.

Just look at all the colors in this painting – each color adds more interest and makes it come alive. It’s got such a wonderful rural feel to it.

See more of Dot’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Blog  | Workshops


❝Artist’s Statement:

“Art is my passion and lifelong love, but on a deeper level it is also a personal vision and  an attempt to make the most faithful statement about people, time, and the places we occupy in our society.  Perhaps the most profound testimony an artist can make is in to take a deep look into the place where she lives. An artist’s work truly shows our spirit, who we are, and how we relate to the world. My goal is to be truthful, but am naturally a “glass half full” type person… so you will see a lot of optimism and beauty in my painted vistas. I am a beauty-seeker, and it’s fun and amazing to find beauty in common things that we pass up every day without notice. I want to share my view of beauty with others through my art.  

I’m a native Mississippian, painting American landscapes and specialize in paintings of the Rural South in oils.  As you look at my works exploring the agrarian landscapes, you will see my response to the tapestry of my life; scenes from the Mississippi delta, cotton, scenic woodlands, and southern roads and hills as well as some of the lovely people that make up the south. All these paintings were influenced by a lifetime of thoughtful observation and reflection in response to our beautiful landscape here in a place I call home. 

If my work appeals to you make a visit to my new working studio and gallery to select paintings from my Rural South Collection. The experience of viewing the southern rural landscapes in real life in my private art gallery is the perfect place to feel my connection to the land, people  and nature of the south.   It is a easy to find and a fun place to visit where you can see works displayed and experience the surrounding fields, grove of trees, gardens and grounds that inspire many of my works.”

Location:  Courson Studio is just off Hwy 278 between Tupelo and Oxford, MS.  I hope it becomes a “destination visit” when you are visiting Mississippi! “

Open by Appointment. I’m there most every day! Phone: 662-617-3100. 

She cannot remember a time when art was not a part of her life…

Dot Courson is a full-time, gallery represented artist. Her award-winning paintings can be found in corporate and private fine art collections all over the world.

She has drawn and painted all of her life and many members of her family are artists. She was inspired as a child watching her father draw for the public. She took her first her first art course in college. When she returned to school to complete her Master’s in Nursing/Healthcare Administration, she managed to find time to keep painting and later studied privately with the late Billy Kirk, a noted and respected Mississippi artist.  After studying with Kirk, over the following years she had one of the best art educations available- studying extensively with many of the nation’s best and most prominent Master artists.❞

Click HERE to read more about Dot! Great photos, list of exhibits, honors and events!

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