Now THAT is one wild doo!

Can you find the two herons?

Well, it’s heron time in Charleston, SC – actually it has been for a few months. Many of the young herons are out of the nest and learning to fly. The adult herons take off so strongly. Perched on a limb they thrust themselves forward and into a strong flight pattern…

…the young ones on the other hand, look like they’ve had a bit too much to drink. They stand on a limb and kind of wobble back and forth. It’s like they’re trying to get the momentum to take flight. I see this and I say a quick 🙏 that they make it to the next branch! Weeble, wobble and a weak take off, but they make it. These Yellow Crowned Night Herons make there way to our city every year, stay for several month until the young ones are born and learn to fly and then they move on, at least I think they do, they move out of the area…

That’s a wild hairdo with the heron on the left, haha… maybe he’s a punk rocker? Is there even such a thing anymore?

✍️Until next time…


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