Botany Bay Beauty!

Botany Bay Road – Edisto, SC

Scenic doesn’t even begin to describe Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area, located in Edisto, South Carolina. If I were an animal of any kind, I would want to live in this oasis. Over 46,000 acres and it’s like time has stood still. The beauty is breathtaking and the beach (which we skipped this trip) is jaw dropping.

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Stunning Hydrangeas!

Stunning Displays of Blue

This year our hydrangeas have been plentiful. We planted several a few each year and now they’re all going wild! Their beautiful purplish blue color is jaw dropping! We once bought a white hydrangea – what a surprise…

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Classic Design Mixed With Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mixing Styles…

The cool thing is that each of us has a different idea of what we like or don’t like (if you work in a gallery you will quickly see how there can be one painting, and the comments throughout the day are so varied “love it”/”hate it”, “don’t get it”/”it speaks to me”, “I LOVE the color palette”/”I hate those colors” – it is so interesting!) – which is a GOOD thing. Our house was very classic in design. Some antiques, some new pieces, but something was lacking. We have since fallen in love with the Mid-Century Modern furniture. The classic pieces are so amazing! There is a reason you see them in museums! Those pieces are EXACTLY what our rooms needed!

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Brown Rice Bowl – Fresh, Fast and Healthy!

Brown Rice Bowl with Pico, Avocado, Fresh Corn & Black Beans

Is there anything better than a meal that is quick to pull together, has a variety of veggies, good fiber, and so much tastiness that you cannot wait to eat it? This is a meal that you probably have ingredients on hand for and that you can alter to fit what you love.

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