Sautéed Cabbage – Fast and out of this world!

SA U T E E D   C A B B A G E ,   G R I L L E D   C O R N   A N D   C H I C K E N 

This meal came together quickly – Fred threw the chicken and corn on the grill and I sliced up a cabbage, nice thin slices like coleslaw so that it cooks quickly.

This Sautéed Cabbage recipe is from Ina Garten on the Food Network website! – I love that lady! She’s brilliant and has the best recipes! The little bit of brown in the cabbage is a GOOD thing… you won’t believe how sweet this cabbage tastes! Just heat 2 T butter (or olive oil, I’ve tried both and both are fabulous) in a heavy bottom sauté pan, then add the cabbage – I used tongs to toss to coat with butter/oil. Sprinkle of salt and pepper and that’s it for ingredients. Keep tossing and once you start to see it turn light brown it’s ready! That takes 10-15 minutes. Click the recipe link above to see the recipe (and print) or to watch the quick video. See for yourself how quick and easy this is! #youwontbelieveit #thetasteisoutofthisworld

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