Charleston Photo: Yellow Crowned Night Heron in Charleston, SC

This photo was taken in my neighborhood (Charleston, SC). It’s a photo of a yellow crowned night heron. Ooooooh you say? Yep, they’re interesting creatures, they’re here during breeding season, then they all fly away. They come back to the same (exact) area each and every year… As neat as they are, they aren’t the friendliest, and they get rather pushy… they’ll stand in the street and won’t move. They build their nests (or go back to their old nests) and in a short time you start seeing eggs in the street/sidewalk, the most beautiful Martha-Stewart-blue. (I would like to have one color matched and paint a room that color.) Right now it looks like the little ones (not so little anymore) are out and about, I see them in people’s yards during the day. We watched one on a neighbors roof and it was almost like it was thinking, “hmmm, should I try to fly”? It would start to put its wings out and then quickly tuck them back under, he did that for quite some time, I was starting to get worried about him, but I guess he was working through it, ha ha… A few mornings I have seen the birds up on some neighbors front porches. EEK. You don’t want to go out when they’re there. They make very impressive (read SCARY) sounds, that’s enough to keep me far away! They’re cool nonetheless, but I will be happy when they move on. They really stink once it starts to get hot and humid… yikes!

Interesting fact: a few neighbors called to have trees trimmed and the city cannot trim until the birds have left because the birds are protected. So be nice and keep your distance!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Charleston Photo: Yellow Crowned Night Heron in Charleston, SC

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