Charleston Photo: Charlie… in his happy place!

Charlie has his own sofa. We moved it near the window when he was a puppy so he could see down the street. Fred and I like to move furniture. Actually move entire rooms (i.e. the dining room is the study and the living room is the dining room, yep, see what I mean, just try to keep up with us)… well, we DID move entire rooms. Now we’re stuck in a situation. WE CAN’T MOVE THE SOFA! Ahhhh, there are worse things that could happen… Charlie is so content staring out the window during the day (half the time with his eyes closed) that we just can’t change it.

Ahhh, what we do for our pets, huh? Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Charleston Photo: Charlie… in his happy place!

    1. Thanks Maryanne! He is so entertaining, ha ha… This dog can tell time! He knows he eats at 4 and gets his first bully chewy (really its half of one) at 6: and the other half he tries to get right away, we make him wait… Now I make him sit/stay, and I go hide it, then come back and when I say OK, he takes off flying until he finds it. He brings a lot of joy… Hey, when do you get your puppy? Soon? Can’t wait to see photos!! Miss you!


      1. Maryanne Haynes

        We should get our little bundle of joy at the end of September as her arrival will be around August 3rd. I will definitely post pictures on FB!! I think right now we decided in getting a girl and naming her Roxie!! We can’t wait!!!


  1. @Maryanne – ROXIE! I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to see photos of her! I think you need to start a blog! 😉 I know you can’t wait! Have you watched any of the IT’S ME OR THE DOG shows on Animal Planet with Victoria Stilwell? Highly suggest!! So much good info!


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