Warm temps, time to hit the beach with the beast!


Well, as unbelievable as it is… it’s about time to hit the beach! This weather can’t possibly last… warm temps, near 80… makes it a nice time to hit the beach with Charlie… Since he can’t go in the summer (unless it’s before 10AM or after 6PM) we like to go in the spring and fall, anytime before May 1 or after September 30th, then they can go any time of day.

I still remember the first time he went… he was scared of everything, the sand, the wind, THE WAVES! But then he got his feet wet, and started chasing the waves, now when we go he jumps right in, no matter the temperature!

Hope you are all having nice weather as well! Get out and enjoy your day! Catch you back here tomorrow!

The little one… not yet fuzzy…

This photo was taken three years ago, shortly after we got the little beast affectionately referred to as Charlie! This was before he got fuzzy… pretty soon the hair grew in front of his eyes and his coat got longer. He’s soft but much like a Swiffer… you know, those cloths that dust clings to? Yep, that’s Charlie… when he goes outside he comes in like a little Swiffer… have to de-swifferize him before he comes in the house, ha ha…

This is Charlie three years later…

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Are you getting your shopping done for Christmas…? Can you believe how quickly it got here this year… each year it seems to arrive a little earlier!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

I promise… the fish were safe!

This past winter we were fish sitting for some friends… two bowls, two fish… one dog. Hmmm. Charlie didn’t bother with them until it was time to feed them. He LOVED the smell of their food. Actually I think he probably wanted to roll around in it… So I kept them safe… out of the way. Then I walked in the room and I see this… Charlie just sitting… waiting… wish I could remember if maybe it was dinner time for the little fishy’s… hmmm… too funny.

If you turn your head you would see this… Charlie trying his best to sniff them… I think he really missed them when they were gone, or maybe it was just the food 😉

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Charleston Photo: Charlie… in his happy place!

Charlie has his own sofa. We moved it near the window when he was a puppy so he could see down the street. Fred and I like to move furniture. Actually move entire rooms (i.e. the dining room is the study and the living room is the dining room, yep, see what I mean, just try to keep up with us)… well, we DID move entire rooms. Now we’re stuck in a situation. WE CAN’T MOVE THE SOFA! Ahhhh, there are worse things that could happen… Charlie is so content staring out the window during the day (half the time with his eyes closed) that we just can’t change it.

Ahhh, what we do for our pets, huh? Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Let me start of by saying how thankful I am for having such an awesome mom. She’s the coolest of all moms, funny, sweet, loving and strong. Very, very strong. I bet she doesn’t realize that (do you mom?)… Anyone that can get through cancer is a tough cookie, and to go through it with a great attitude is a big accomplishment, as well as being such an inspiration. I think I’m going to start calling my mom “Grace”… she’s got lots of it!

I’m also thankful for my mother-in-law. I know there are the standard jokes about mother-in-laws being dragon ladies… I lucked out (again) and got a super sweet lady, just like me, hee…

I know some of you no longer have your moms… I’m so sorry, holidays can be so tough. I hope you are able to keep your mom in all your good thoughts. You do know she can still hear you when you talk to her, right? That’s a small comfort…

Lots of you are mom’s… hard work no doubt. Personally, I’m a dog mom. The cards didn’t fall in my favor with the ‘having a kid’ thing, so Mother’s Day has it’s moments for me as well… But I am Charlie’s mom (woof)… and I’m a good dog mom, ha ha… (PSSST, Charlie you’re a lucky dog!)

H A P P Y  M O T H E R’ S  D A Y ! ! !

Come on Charlie, lets go play in the sprinkler! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Vintage Image via: VintageScrapbooking.blogspot.com

Photos: Time to act crazy with the sprinkler!

Well, it’s that time of year A L R E A D Y ! Time to play in the sprinkler… Time to get hosed off after your morning walk because it’s so warm… Crazy weather. Am hoping it doesn’t get any warmer (yeah, right!). It seems that everyone has weird weather right now. For most of us we simply cannot complain. It’s beautiful!

Ahhh, show those teeth Charlie! The beast gets a little crazy when he gets wet!

Ok, it’s time to calm down… time to go run laps I N S I D E the house… ahhhh… happy weekend!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Charlie (Jack Russell Terrier) visits Shem Creek Park in Mount Pleasant, SC

Charlie loves to go for a visit to Shem Creek Park in Mt. Pleasant, SC. It’s a nice long dock/walkway with plenty to see and smell… a great place to go to watch the boats, people fishing or just to enjoy a beautiful sunset. If you haven’t made your way there yet, it’s worth it! Near Shem Creek (Mount Pleasant Seafood, etc.) you can’t miss it!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Birthday gift idea: a gold chain for his furry chest…

Happy 2 year birthday Charlie!! You’ve turned out to be an angel… thank you God!

I can’t seem to come up with a good excuse, other than the fact that time got away from me… I have good intentions but I get stuck in my everyday routine and completely forget the important things sometimes. Argh! It’s our little beast’s two year birthday today. I really wanted to find him a nice gold chain, maybe with a peace sign or something, to hang on his furry little chest. Hee hee… Can you imagine. Kind of like something for a furry man maybe in the 70’s with the shirt unbuttoned low (mid-life-crisis look), ok, maybe a little too disco… humph! I think we’ll order him a box of bully springs that he loves to chew on and call it a day! I need to find his birthday hat, it’s here somewhere. Last year I was in Michigan, so it was a challenge for me to get it on AND snap a picture in the nano second that he left it on…  We love this little guy. Things started out a little rough. He’s never been bad, just so afraid of everything. Of me, of Fred, of the outside, the fire hydrant, the grass and on and on… slowly (and with the encouragement of cooked chicken pieces) he’s learned not to be afraid of things… he’s definitely NOT afraid of other dogs. He’s the official Walmart greeter, he greets every dog no matter where we go, it’s the sweetest thing to watch. Now people, hmmm, it’s a slow process and they definitely have to EARN his affection. This can take time, but it’s worth the wait. He’s a special little beast. And WOOHOO CHARLIE, it’s raining today… NO WALK IN THE HEAT TODAY! (Don’t feel too sorry for him, he gets walked practically before the sun comes up and then he flies into the backyard where he jumps up on the teak table waiting to be hosed off to cool down. This dog has so much personality…  He is accepting cards and gifts, hee hee… HAPPY 2 YEAR BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!

Here’s one of the pictures from the breeder… it was love at first site…
When I told him he was being neutered...
Ahhh, went through LOTS of TP!
Last year's birthday pic!
Ahhh, yes, I am thankful that he’s grown up some. We can now have toilet paper on the roll instead of up high out of his reach. It’s the little things in life, ha ha… Truly, Charlie is a joy to be around, and I can’t imagine how quiet things would be here without him! Happy birthday Beast!
If you are one of the few that hasn’t heard about Charlie’s blog (from his first year), if you want a laugh, click HERE… I wish I could publish that into a book!
Catch you back here tomorrow!