Photos: Time to act crazy with the sprinkler!

Well, it’s that time of year A L R E A D Y ! Time to play in the sprinkler… Time to get hosed off after your morning walk because it’s so warm… Crazy weather. Am hoping it doesn’t get any warmer (yeah, right!). It seems that everyone has weird weather right now. For most of us we simply cannot complain. It’s beautiful!

Ahhh, show those teeth Charlie! The beast gets a little crazy when he gets wet!

Ok, it’s time to calm down… time to go run laps I N S I D E the house… ahhhh… happy weekend!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Photos: Time to act crazy with the sprinkler!

    1. Hee hee, me too! In the summer when we walk earlier we look for sprinklers that are on… He runs to them and tries to attack the water coming out, it’s hilarious, and he’s soaking wet, but… Cool, ha ha.


  1. These are GREAT!!! I love watching dogs in the sprinkler. We now have a pool with an automatic vacuum and our dog, Bella, thinks she’s protecting the house I believe, as she stands guard against that vacuum. Every so often the vacuum will spit some water up and her and she seems to think it’s an attack and she go all crazy barking and jumping for several minutes, then walks away all proudly that she has somehow defeated the evil vacuum. It’s quite funny to watch. Dogs are such fun. Loved these photos. 😀


  2. Omg, that is hilarious! Dogs are great entertainment aren’t they?? Soon we’ll get out the kiddie pool, that is major entertainment for us, ha ha… We dump the water each day to keep it fresh, but Charlie jumps in and starts digging… Not sure what he’s digging for but it’s too funny! Thanks for sharing your dog story, would make some great photos, ha ha…


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