Charlie Photo and Update…

Charlie nov09_03

This is the first time that we met Charlie… November 2009… he was scared of people (we were told later)… especially men. Hmmm, not sure what happened to the little guy, but someone didn’t treat him right… He went from this scared little puppy… to this wild little beast in no time!

Charlie in sprinkler

We’re so glad he’s home with us… he’s on the mend! Pancreatitis is a tough thing to watch your dog go through… Scary! Life is good…

Charlie on his way downtown


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…      14th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational (2012)

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…  Can’t get a good dinner quicker than this!

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Update on Charlie…

Image 1
Our visit with Charlie at Vet Hospital in Mt Pleasant. This is the first day that he ate!

Written Wednesday 11:30AM

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook… Charlie has been sick. Very sick. We took him to the emergency vet at 11:30 Saturday night and had to leave him at 2:30 AM, he was such a sick dog… vomiting, weak. He hadn’t gotten in to anything that we could think of. He was his happy self on Friday night, we went to bed and he hopped right in… we all slept. Saturday morning we woke up and normally he runs to his food dish… not this morning. No food. Later in the day he vomited… and that night he started and couldn’t stop… we took him to the er vet, they said he was in pain. Ugh…??? Their thought: Pancreatitis. Normally dogs who are given fatty table scraps are the dogs that get that. Charlie gets very limited table scraps and we don’t eat fatty… he eats mainly frozen green beans, carrots, lettuce and his dog food… but he does get a little smidge of cheese now and then…

They got him through until Monday AM where he was transferred to the Internal Medicine group. They did an ultrasound on him and confirmed pancreatitis. IV fluids, pain meds, anti-nausea meds, Pepcid. He hadn’t eaten since Friday at 3PM… he took his first bite, yesterday (Oct 8/Tuesday). He seemed so great when we saw him yesterday, a big difference from the night before. They’ve done an ultrasound each day, and the vet noticed that the lymph node near the pancreas is getting larger each day… not good. We just got the pathology report back and it showed no cancer cells! However, she said that cancer cannot be ruled out, so he will still be monitored and if the lymph node doesn’t start getting smaller then they will biopsy it.

Image 2

We let him know that his future diet would consist of low fat food, and he is ok with that…

He had a slight fever last night, but is otherwise doing great. Because of the fever we can’t bring him home this morning… We call at 3PM today (Wed) to see if we can pick him up!



UPDATE: Charlie came home yesterday (WED 10/09) We all camped in the living room and he did well, he is eating on his own this morning (YAY!!) got all his meds and can feel all your well wishes!


Charlie had a good first full day home! This morning he woke up raring to eat which was fabulous… then he kind of fizzled a little… no fever YAY! He rested all day and was very perky by evening… he’s now curled up sleeping unless someone walks down the street… then he needs to check things out, then goes back to sleep… he’s a happy little beast!

Thank you so much for all your good thoughts, prayers, vibes and anything else you’ve got! You’re all the best!


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T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Meatless Monday: Martha’s Tomato, Basil and White Bean Salad

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[charlie photo] Waiting for a carriage??

Fred and Charlie – Charleston, SC

Is Charlie waiting for a carriage to come and pick him up? Is he on stage? I’m thinking it’s more of the latter, although he would be too thrilled if a horse came by to visit him! This was taken on a hot humid day downtown Charleston, SC… we are all looking forward to fall/winter/spring! No complaints about the cold from me! This has been the best summer since I moved to Charleston in 1989… amazing! Windows open two days in August, and again today in mid September… that NEVER happens!

Woohoo, grateful for the small things! Have a great day… Catch you back here tomorrow!


O N E   Y E A R   A G O:  Featured Artist… Nancy Rhodes Harper!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O:  Our Favorites at Trader Joe’s!

You again? Ugh…!

Charlie beast

Sweet beast. Charlie is our Jack Russell terrier… he’s got the BIGGEST personality!

You? Again? Ugh!

I always thought it was so cool how our last JRT, Reggie, was always happy to see us. No. Matter. What.

Charlie… a different story, he has a way with his eyes. You don’t have to wonder how he’s feeling! See this photo… “Is it YOU? AGAIN? With that damned camera? UGH!” Can you see it too? Ha ha…

Will she just go away?

“Maybe if I ignore her, she’ll just go away?” OK Charlie… gotcha, jeez!

By the way… I just love all that UTILITY Canvas… the pillow, the throw, and something else that we cover the seats with so they’re quick in the washer! Good stuff!

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Featured Artist… Christina Hewson!

ChristinaHewson GreatDane CH

Great Dane portrait by Christina Hewson

Our Jack Russell “Charlie” likes to go shopping… we often walk behind the house to the shopping center and swing through Antiques of South Windermere, one of his favorite places to visit and then on to Dolittles dog store… Charlie loves to visit with them! On one of our adventures, a while back, we saw these AH-MAZING dog and horse portraits. Absolutely breathtaking… the black and white just added to their elegance. Artist Christina Hewson can really capture the essence of the animal. Each one is so unique and special! She will be at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo February 15-17, so be sure to look for her there!

Check out her website, it’s fabulous, she also has a blog, so give it a peek!

Here’s a blip about Christina from her website:

I was born in Charleston and raised 20 miles north of Charleston in Awendaw.  My personal interests include swimming, drawing, piano, math, and science.  I have been creating and selling oil and acrylic portraits since the age of fifteen.  It is the only job I have ever known.  My first year of college was devoted to the study of piano.  But, I missed having time for drawing, math, and science.  I enrolled in the College of Charleston where I studied all three.  It was at the College of Charleston where I discovered my love for ink and brush.  I paint portraits of animals and people in which I strive to capture the soul in as pure and simple a style as possible.  I prefer to paint in ink or acrylic.  I live in downtown Charleston where I feel privileged to practice my art.  I invite you to visit my website and blog where I record my artistic journey.

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Do you ever feel that you can’t get in the swing of things? You’re not alone!

Do you ever feel that you just can't get in the swing of things?

This cracks me up. I’m so glad I had my phone nearby to snap a photo… last year, after Fred and I were in Maine and Charlie was “at camp”, we picked him up, gave him a bath, brought him in the house and he jumped up in his “dog bed” (his sofa) and was facing the wrong way. Normally he plops himself over the arm of the sofa LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW. I think he was so mixed up with us being gone for so long that he got into this position, and let me tell you it wasn’t easy…

So if you feel like you can’t get in the swing of things, don’t worry you’re not alone! Whether it be diet (more good healthy recipes coming soon) or the need to get organized (a few tips on that as well!) we all feel that way at some point!

(And yes, the sheet on the sofa and the “blankie” makes quite the nice fashion statement, don’t you think??)

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The little one… not yet fuzzy…

This photo was taken three years ago, shortly after we got the little beast affectionately referred to as Charlie! This was before he got fuzzy… pretty soon the hair grew in front of his eyes and his coat got longer. He’s soft but much like a Swiffer… you know, those cloths that dust clings to? Yep, that’s Charlie… when he goes outside he comes in like a little Swiffer… have to de-swifferize him before he comes in the house, ha ha…

This is Charlie three years later…

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Are you getting your shopping done for Christmas…? Can you believe how quickly it got here this year… each year it seems to arrive a little earlier!

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Sorry, just couldn’t resist… the beast is BACK!

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist… Charlie the wonder dog is back! After he had eaten a 2″ section of a new blanket, he didn’t eat for two days… we tried rice, chicken, tuna, even cheese, his favorite… he ate a little of each and then absolutely nothing. We took him to the vet worried that something was lodged in him SOMEWHERE… low and behold, once we got there he appeared to be fine (next time he’s getting a car ride first!), he ate 3+++ treats, had x-rays taken, wanted more treats, got a shot in case it was nausea causing the no-eating episode… nope, wasn’t nausea, from the moment he got home he ate, then ate some more, had his homemade peanut butter/flaxseed/oatmeal/pumpkin cookies, carrots, frozen green beans… the next day (after the shot wore off) he still wanted more food, and more… and more…

So here’s where we’re at… the beast eats blanket. Fred says NO! I say NO! Fred swats ottoman (that he drug the blanket up on), then I ignored him for a while (not easy for me)… that was it. HIS FEELINGS WERE HURT! The vet laughed. She said he’s smart. Too smart. So be careful!

Oh Charlie… that $117 vet bill comes out of your chewy budget! But we’re happy to say, our beast is back! Rowdy as ever! Life is good if you’re Charlie 😉

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I promise… the fish were safe!

This past winter we were fish sitting for some friends… two bowls, two fish… one dog. Hmmm. Charlie didn’t bother with them until it was time to feed them. He LOVED the smell of their food. Actually I think he probably wanted to roll around in it… So I kept them safe… out of the way. Then I walked in the room and I see this… Charlie just sitting… waiting… wish I could remember if maybe it was dinner time for the little fishy’s… hmmm… too funny.

If you turn your head you would see this… Charlie trying his best to sniff them… I think he really missed them when they were gone, or maybe it was just the food 😉

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