Our favorites at Trader Joe’s!

Image: BringTraderJoesToCharlestonSC Facebook page

Well, Trader Joe’s has finally arrived in Charleston, SC! We made it there the first day and it was CRAZY. We didn’t make it there early, it wasn’t until Fred got off work that we shot over to see what the hoopla was about… it was busy beyond belief but we got some good stuff and were excited about the prospect of yet another grocery store in the area. Trader Joe’s isn’t just a shopping trip, it’s an adventure, ha ha… there is a following for Trader Joe’s that is rather unique. Prices are low, quality so far appears to be very good. They don’t have the large selection of products like Whole Foods does, think of them more like a ’boutique grocery store’. Trader Joe’s rotates what they carry, so you may find something you love and if it’s a limited supply item or if it isn’t a big seller then you may not see it in the upcoming weeks. A new concept, always some new items to try. Keeps things exciting! Of course there are the Trader Joe’s brand products and I would assume that those stick around, we’ve tried many and all are fabulous, coffee, olive oil, bavarian chocolate covered almonds, popcorn air popped with olive oil, low fat  cheese doodles (hee hee), pitted kalamata olives, organic oatmeal with flax and the HAVARTI CHEESE (ooooh so good) just to name a few! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! Woohoo! If you’re near a Trader Joe’s but haven’t been in a while check them out!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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