Update on Charlie…

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Our visit with Charlie at Vet Hospital in Mt Pleasant. This is the first day that he ate!

Written Wednesday 11:30AM

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook… Charlie has been sick. Very sick. We took him to the emergency vet at 11:30 Saturday night and had to leave him at 2:30 AM, he was such a sick dog… vomiting, weak. He hadn’t gotten in to anything that we could think of. He was his happy self on Friday night, we went to bed and he hopped right in… we all slept. Saturday morning we woke up and normally he runs to his food dish… not this morning. No food. Later in the day he vomited… and that night he started and couldn’t stop… we took him to the er vet, they said he was in pain. Ugh…??? Their thought: Pancreatitis. Normally dogs who are given fatty table scraps are the dogs that get that. Charlie gets very limited table scraps and we don’t eat fatty… he eats mainly frozen green beans, carrots, lettuce and his dog food… but he does get a little smidge of cheese now and then…

They got him through until Monday AM where he was transferred to the Internal Medicine group. They did an ultrasound on him and confirmed pancreatitis. IV fluids, pain meds, anti-nausea meds, Pepcid. He hadn’t eaten since Friday at 3PM… he took his first bite, yesterday (Oct 8/Tuesday). He seemed so great when we saw him yesterday, a big difference from the night before. They’ve done an ultrasound each day, and the vet noticed that the lymph node near the pancreas is getting larger each day… not good. We just got the pathology report back and it showed no cancer cells! However, she said that cancer cannot be ruled out, so he will still be monitored and if the lymph node doesn’t start getting smaller then they will biopsy it.

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We let him know that his future diet would consist of low fat food, and he is ok with that…

He had a slight fever last night, but is otherwise doing great. Because of the fever we can’t bring him home this morning… We call at 3PM today (Wed) to see if we can pick him up!



UPDATE: Charlie came home yesterday (WED 10/09) We all camped in the living room and he did well, he is eating on his own this morning (YAY!!) got all his meds and can feel all your well wishes!


Charlie had a good first full day home! This morning he woke up raring to eat which was fabulous… then he kind of fizzled a little… no fever YAY! He rested all day and was very perky by evening… he’s now curled up sleeping unless someone walks down the street… then he needs to check things out, then goes back to sleep… he’s a happy little beast!

Thank you so much for all your good thoughts, prayers, vibes and anything else you’ve got! You’re all the best!


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Catch you back here tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Update on Charlie…

  1. Jerry Stocks

    Did not know About Charlie until now. My heart is breaking for you. Do hope he was better yesterday and got to come home. My dogs eat green beans mixed with dried dog food twice a day and they thrive.


    1. Thank you Jerry, I just updated the post, I never had a chance last night… little critter is doing better… he ate this morning (NO APPETITE STIMULANT!) He’s got a lot of other meds but at least he’s eating now because he wants to… hoping it continues! Thank you so much for your comment! He’ll be on low low fat food forever… no more of any of his treats… life will be different for Charlie, but that’s ok, he’s here with us AND he loves his green beans and carrots!


  2. Regina

    So sorry about Charlie. I know you have been frantic. It must be so hard to leave him but looks like you had a nice visit from picture. Sending positive thoughts and hope he is home soon.


    1. Thank you Regina! It’s been a long week without him… BUT we just picked him up late yesterday afternoon… we all camped in the living room so we could keep an eye on him… he wasn’t big on food last night but ate a small amount… this morning he woke up, and WITH NO APPETITE STIMULANT, he wanted food!! My heart feels happier right now…whew!We take him back in one week, but for now, the little guy is doing great! THanks so much for your comment!


  3. Susan Strawbridge

    JUst now checked my e-mail and I’m so sorry to hear about Charlie being sick. Keeping you and Charlie in my thoughts and prayers.
    Susan Strawbridge


    1. Thank you Mary! Tonight he is doing well… I am thankful! Next ultrasound is next week… I guess its so hard because they can’t let us know whats going on… you’re the best! b


  4. my darling 2.10 year old collie/lurcher got ill after i broken up comfortis, pushed down her throat( very sensitive to smells tastes etc) in 8 pieces. previously i had given her 1 tab over 2 days , this time she was ill sleeping not keen to do anything. i have notice now that she can no longer jump up onto her chair or the beds, she is a breathtaking athlete, jumping for balls and has done agility training. now she has difficulty getting up stairs, no trouble going down. seems the weakness is in her front , shoulders. definitely Comfortis. she was not well for 2 days or more. i tried every kind alternative for fleas before resorting to it. she was knawing a hole on her hip before that.
    flea allergy. not going the vet route , now more meds, expense, she is ok apart from ability to jump up.i am seeking alternatives that i haven’t yet tried. cider vinegar next.


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