I love fall!

Charlie walking on the Greenway... Charleston, SC
Charlie walking on the Greenway… Charleston, SC

Fall is fabulous… my absolute favorite time of year! The days are getting cooler now… soon the time changes and we get an extra hour of sleep, woohoo! Charlie especially loves it because in addition to walking in the morning, he can get a walk in after dinner. We always feel better if we move after we eat… can’t just sit!

Hope you all have a wonderful week

F L A S H B A C K       

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Charlie the gallery dog…

Charlie the gallery dog!
Charlie the gallery dog!

Charlie hopes to be back on duty at the gallery next week! For now he’s enjoying a little rest and relaxation while he recuperates…

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Charlie Photo and Update…

Charlie nov09_03

This is the first time that we met Charlie… November 2009… he was scared of people (we were told later)… especially men. Hmmm, not sure what happened to the little guy, but someone didn’t treat him right… He went from this scared little puppy… to this wild little beast in no time!

Charlie in sprinkler

We’re so glad he’s home with us… he’s on the mend! Pancreatitis is a tough thing to watch your dog go through… Scary! Life is good…

Charlie on his way downtown


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…      14th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational (2012)

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…  Can’t get a good dinner quicker than this!

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Update on Charlie…

Image 1
Our visit with Charlie at Vet Hospital in Mt Pleasant. This is the first day that he ate!

Written Wednesday 11:30AM

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook… Charlie has been sick. Very sick. We took him to the emergency vet at 11:30 Saturday night and had to leave him at 2:30 AM, he was such a sick dog… vomiting, weak. He hadn’t gotten in to anything that we could think of. He was his happy self on Friday night, we went to bed and he hopped right in… we all slept. Saturday morning we woke up and normally he runs to his food dish… not this morning. No food. Later in the day he vomited… and that night he started and couldn’t stop… we took him to the er vet, they said he was in pain. Ugh…??? Their thought: Pancreatitis. Normally dogs who are given fatty table scraps are the dogs that get that. Charlie gets very limited table scraps and we don’t eat fatty… he eats mainly frozen green beans, carrots, lettuce and his dog food… but he does get a little smidge of cheese now and then…

They got him through until Monday AM where he was transferred to the Internal Medicine group. They did an ultrasound on him and confirmed pancreatitis. IV fluids, pain meds, anti-nausea meds, Pepcid. He hadn’t eaten since Friday at 3PM… he took his first bite, yesterday (Oct 8/Tuesday). He seemed so great when we saw him yesterday, a big difference from the night before. They’ve done an ultrasound each day, and the vet noticed that the lymph node near the pancreas is getting larger each day… not good. We just got the pathology report back and it showed no cancer cells! However, she said that cancer cannot be ruled out, so he will still be monitored and if the lymph node doesn’t start getting smaller then they will biopsy it.

Image 2

We let him know that his future diet would consist of low fat food, and he is ok with that…

He had a slight fever last night, but is otherwise doing great. Because of the fever we can’t bring him home this morning… We call at 3PM today (Wed) to see if we can pick him up!



UPDATE: Charlie came home yesterday (WED 10/09) We all camped in the living room and he did well, he is eating on his own this morning (YAY!!) got all his meds and can feel all your well wishes!


Charlie had a good first full day home! This morning he woke up raring to eat which was fabulous… then he kind of fizzled a little… no fever YAY! He rested all day and was very perky by evening… he’s now curled up sleeping unless someone walks down the street… then he needs to check things out, then goes back to sleep… he’s a happy little beast!

Thank you so much for all your good thoughts, prayers, vibes and anything else you’ve got! You’re all the best!


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[charlie photo] Waiting for a carriage??

Fred and Charlie – Charleston, SC

Is Charlie waiting for a carriage to come and pick him up? Is he on stage? I’m thinking it’s more of the latter, although he would be too thrilled if a horse came by to visit him! This was taken on a hot humid day downtown Charleston, SC… we are all looking forward to fall/winter/spring! No complaints about the cold from me! This has been the best summer since I moved to Charleston in 1989… amazing! Windows open two days in August, and again today in mid September… that NEVER happens!

Woohoo, grateful for the small things! Have a great day… Catch you back here tomorrow!


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Artist Elizabeth Pollie captured the beast… perfectly! Study #17.. Charlie!

charlie by elizabeth pollie

Study #17 by Elizabeth Pollie, Image Via Elizabeth Pollie

I almost fell and couldn’t get up. Seriously. When I saw the image come across on my phone, that tiny image on my Blackberry, I truly thought it was the photo of Charlie until I went to the computer and pulled up Facebook. Artist Elizabeth Pollie has been doing a study a day (30 studies/30 days) and they are so exquisite, each and every one is just breathtaking. You wonder how ONE person can have so much talent!? It boggles my mind.

Charlie is “Study #17”. Wow! It is so perfect that words truly escape me. I simply cannot stop looking at it. (STUDY? I say to myself? If I were to paint something that wonderful, I would declare myself a master and call it a day! Hee)

This is the image that was on my blog post entitled You again? Ugh…! from February 23, 2013. Elizabeth commented on that post and said that it looked like a painting… so I quickly emailed her back letting her know she was more than welcome to the image! That evening I saw the painting pop up on Facebook.

Will she just go away?

I. Almost. Fell. Over.  Elizabeth’s painting is so fabulous that it brings tears to my eyes. Wow. Am I weird? Ha ha…

Elizabeth Pollie shows her work locally here in Charleston, SC at the Horton Hayes Gallery. She is a phenomenal artist with more than just talent. This woman can SEE. She is so perceptive that she picked up the very essence of Charlie. You must check out her work, you will be floored. I’m preparing you in advance. There is no higher praise I can give. More than just a great artist, she’s such a nice person, and quite hilarious. She is as eloquent with her words as she is with her paintbrush. Most all of her posts bring a smile to my face. I love that about her!

Here’s a blip about the Elizabeth Pollie Fine Art Gallery  located in Harbor Springs, MI – I can’t wait to get there one day!

Elizabeth Pollie Fine Art is located in Harbor Springs, Michigan. The gallery specializes in representational painting by nationally acclaimed artists. The focus of EPFA is on extremely high quality fine art for the discerning client. We welcome both first time buyers as well as seasoned collectors.

Please visit us in the summer at 231 E. Main Street, Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740.

Read more about Elizabeth on a previous post… or from her website.

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Won’t be long now… and beauty will be everywhere!

Won't be long now!

We’ve had a crazy winter… mostly warm, not that I’m complaining… a few zaps of cold, but warmer than I can remember since I’ve lived here (1989)! I don’t remember pollen in January… or mosquitos… or gnats… but we’ve got it now, and have had it since January!

It won’t be long now and the hydrangeas will be blooming, woohoo! Ours bloomed all spring and summer last year, big beautiful blooms. I love cutting a few and bringing them in the house, they last forever and add so much!

Azaleas ARE blooming now and soon they will be magnificent! We saw a pine full of pollen pods, and a dogwood with blooms the other day… one of the later flowering trees… I’m just hoping that spring will be SPRING, we certainly don’t want to rush summer 😉 Maybe we can have spring with no pollen? Wouldn’t that be crazy?!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

You again? Ugh…!

Charlie beast

Sweet beast. Charlie is our Jack Russell terrier… he’s got the BIGGEST personality!

You? Again? Ugh!

I always thought it was so cool how our last JRT, Reggie, was always happy to see us. No. Matter. What.

Charlie… a different story, he has a way with his eyes. You don’t have to wonder how he’s feeling! See this photo… “Is it YOU? AGAIN? With that damned camera? UGH!” Can you see it too? Ha ha…

Will she just go away?

“Maybe if I ignore her, she’ll just go away?” OK Charlie… gotcha, jeez!

By the way… I just love all that UTILITY Canvas… the pillow, the throw, and something else that we cover the seats with so they’re quick in the washer! Good stuff!

Catch you back here tomorrow!