You again? Ugh…!

Charlie beast

Sweet beast. Charlie is our Jack Russell terrier… he’s got the BIGGEST personality!

You? Again? Ugh!

I always thought it was so cool how our last JRT, Reggie, was always happy to see us. No. Matter. What.

Charlie… a different story, he has a way with his eyes. You don’t have to wonder how he’s feeling! See this photo… “Is it YOU? AGAIN? With that damned camera? UGH!” Can you see it too? Ha ha…

Will she just go away?

“Maybe if I ignore her, she’ll just go away?” OK Charlie… gotcha, jeez!

By the way… I just love all that UTILITY Canvas… the pillow, the throw, and something else that we cover the seats with so they’re quick in the washer! Good stuff!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “You again? Ugh…!

  1. Ann Byers

    Charlie is so precious. My dog Sake, has cancer — lymphoma. Same as me, but he’s not himself anymore. He’s so inactive and listless. He’s had chemo, but I think it made him worse, rather than better. Where did you get the utility canvas? Love to you, Fred and Charlie, Ann



  2. Oh Ann, so sorry to hear about Sake!! It’s so hard to watch our dogs not feel well… ugh! We’ll keep him (and you!) in our thoughts and prayers! On another note… some of the Utility Canvas we bought in Maine, some here locally and the rest online, click on the link above (where it says UTILITY CANVAS in blue, that’s a link to their website). We have four throws, 2 pillow covers, 1 queen coverlet and 2 “floor mats” (to put on the floor to change a baby, or set something on), they work perfectly on a chair. I tuck it around the cushion and if the beast jumps up with dirty feet I can throw it in the washer! is the link to the floormats… also on their website…
    Thinking of you… b


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