A beasty birthday!

The birthday boy, Charlie!

H A P P Y  3 R D  B I R T H D A Y  C H A R L I E !

It’s Charlie’s 3rd birthday today, boy how time flies! If you would like to be entertained by a funny blog accounting for the first year of LIFE WITH CHARLIE, click the link). Initially I created this blog because the only time Charlie would sleep is when I was sitting in my desk chair at the computer. He would curl up behind me and fall into a deep peaceful (for me) sleep… so I created a blog to vent entertain myself, then Charlie started getting people who wanted to know what was going on each day, it was a hoot… after a year he calmed down and I stopped the blog, but it was a great year!

Preparation for Charlie’s birthday hat photo shoot!

Charlie is going to have (another) good day! He’s been so much fun these past several years, here’s to many many more Charlie! May your birthday candles never blow out : )
Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “A beasty birthday!

  1. I wonder how many times I said “but he’s so sweet when he’s sleeping”, ha ha.The puppy years take patience that’s for sure, but they are fun, and entertaining, exhausting and frustrating, ha ha. Luckily Charlie learned very quickly about doing his business outside… it was the toilet paper that we couldn’t keep on a roll for about a year… still if he can grab a kleenex, paper towel, napkin he will. Loves it. Hmmm, think I’ll get him a roll of TP for his birthday, ha ha…


  2. dEer mAryaN*** i Think eye m gettin somthin four meye birday, i heer mom tawk abot santa (UPS man she sez) bringin mee somethn, eye can’t Wa!t!
    yur Frend, cHaRliE!


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