Genuine Canine (GC) Dog Collars!

Genuine Canine Dog Collar Modeled by Charlie

I LOVE well made items. A dog collar, from the nicest feeling leather that will hold up for a very long time and is able to get wet (this company KNOWS dogs love water), it’s just so sharp, I think, if you have a dog, you will be very interested! I just happened to have a model, although he’s a hairy little guy so it took about a zillion photos before I could see the collar. This is one sharp collar, especially with the GC stamp – very classy!

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Morning Contemplation…

Charlie – Morning Contemplation

Sweetest little creature ever. Charlie is an amazing and sweet beast Jack Russell Terrier – He is strong willed and continues to train us on a daily basis. #keeptryingcharlie 😉

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