Quick iPad Sketch of Charlie…

Quick iPad Sketch of Charlie…

I love apps that let me be creative – and bonus… no cleanup required! Charlie was looking out the sunroom window one day… and I did a quick sketch on my iPad. It looks so much like him. His lazy sit, his focus on anything that moves outside. Especially looking for the #bigbirds This app lets you draw in various ways with so many colors (and it’s free!) – I’m interested to know what app do you use? I don’t have an Apple pencil, so it’s either done with my finger or a stylus that is old and puffy, which isn’t the best combo.

There’s another app that’s nice at night when you’re winding down. The Color Book is how it appears when you open it, but in the App Store it’s the “Coloring Book for Adults” (as I write this there are 31k reviews and 5 stars) – it’s free (as I write this). Such a great selection of images to color, some very intricate, but using the iPad you can zoom in to color certain areas, then zoom out to see what it looks like (all with the pinch of a few fingers).

Check them out if you’re looking for something different. The Sketchbook app (also free) may be limited if you’re used to a lot of bells and whistles, but for a free app it does the trick!

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