Take Two!

🎬Take Two!

Some of us garden with the trial and error method. It’s not such a bad method. For instance, I posted this window box that we planted (previous post) and it was stunning. Turns out we no longer get the amount of sun that we used to due to the live oak tree growing so happily. So after a month of trying to get the previous plants to work, we pulled them out and put them in a large pot in the sun. They really did prefer sun. #gofigure

This time we chose Impatiens. I think they will fill in nicely. I do miss lifting the window and snipping my mint 😉 but I need to water the newly planted pot in the sun, so it’s all good.

Impatiens prefer deep to mostly shady areas. The area where we have them planted gets about an hour of sun, and a good bit of it will be filtered through tree branches, so that’s good. I also read that they’re easy to propagate by taking a cutting and putting it in water, like I do my mint. #winwin

I love the bright colors, I think this will fill in nicely and be a welcome addition when you walk in or out of our door.

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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