Genuine Canine (GC) Dog Collars!

Genuine Canine Dog Collar Modeled by Charlie

I LOVE well made items. A dog collar, from the nicest feeling leather that will hold up for a very long time and is able to get wet (this company KNOWS dogs love water), it’s just so sharp, I think, if you have a dog, you will be very interested! I just happened to have a model, although he’s a hairy little guy so it took about a zillion photos before I could see the collar. This is one sharp collar, especially with the GC stamp – very classy!

Genuine Canine (GC) Leather Dog Collar in CRAZY HORSE (color) | Image

Charlie has had the same collar for some time now. We liked it, but it looked like it’s last day was near. We thought he would look sporty in a leather collar. There aren’t a lot of good options for dog collars for a relatively small neck around here… we’ve looked the last few years. It seems that tiny collars are stocked and larger collars but nothing in the middle.

I found GENUINE CANINE (GC) dog collars (and leashes!) online. Wow! I ordered one, and it arrived quickly, it was STUNNING! It is such high quality. These collars are gentler on your dog’s neck because they help limit rashes and irritation by distributing the pressure. I have to say, Charlie didn’t like wearing his collar unless walking, but now he loves it! GC collars last over ten years and are waterproof for over an hour. He’s got it on now! #winwin

From their website:

“Leather collars can be more comfortable, safer, and longer-lasting for your dog. But, only if they’re well made. That’s why we use one solid piece of thick, full-grain leather, solid brass hardware, and a deeply impregnated waterproofing that lasts over an hour..”

–Genuine Canine

Collar image via

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