Featured Artist: Liz Prescott!

Piled High, Monhegan by Liz Prescott 10×22″ Acrylic

I love being on the lookout for a new artist. I randomly search different places, Instagram, Facebook, galleries, and sometimes Fred (my husband) is the one to spot an artist – I follow #monheganisland (Instagram) which is another way I find artists. It’s a favorite place of ours so I like to see what people paint while they’re on the island. Fred sent me a screenshot with Liz’s painting – Monhegan Buoys – a great painting and I was definitely interested in the artist (thank you Fred).

Maine artist, Liz Prescott is a fabulous artist – there is an abstract quality to her paintings that I love. Just from emailing her a few times I can tell you she’s as nice as they come. Wildly talented and a great person to take a workshop from! So… if you’re looking for a workshop for 2021, Liz will be teaching one August 14-17, 2021 – Monhegan, Maine (about ten miles off the coast) – if you’ve never been to Monhegan, this is the perfect excuse! Use the link to her website to contact!

Piled High, Monhegan is a great painting, and happens to be the one that Fred sent to me. Lobster buoys piled high. I love the shapes, the light, the abstract-yet-you-know-what-it-is vibe)

2020 was a doozie of a year, especially for those who paint and try to sell their art (while there were lockdowns that prevented it, and safety measures to keep distance, etc.), give workshops, etc. I would think they’ve been hit especially hard during all this mess (as it continues into 2021 until we reach herd immunity which will take some time). So if you see a piece of art out in the world that you love, splurge if you can, art feeds the soul, we have paintings all over our house. Memories, treasures… SMILES. #liftyourspirits #buyapainting, that’s my motto (and I don’t sell paintings)…

Be sure to check out the links below, not only to Liz’s website, but her Instagram and her jewelry website (ohmygosh, absolutely beautiful pieces!) and more links… Necklaces, bracelets, earrings – Liz is a very talented artist!

See more of work via these links:

Website  |  Instagram  | Jewelry | Links


“Liz Prescott is a painter based in Freeport, Maine. She works with slow drying acrylics on birch panel, using a technique that allows for many layers of paint to mix, adding texture and often unexpected color interaction. Her subject is the working waterfront where sometimes the most exciting moments of color and light happen under the docs and in the spaces between the lobster buoys hanging on the walls of old sheds.

Liz is a graduate of Maine College of Art (BFA 2000) and Vermont College of Fine Arts (MFA 2003 Visual Arts). Her work is included in the permanent collections at the Portland Museum of Art, Colby College, Bowdoin College, New York Public Library, and the University of New England. She is a member of the Union of Maine Visual Artists (Portland Chapter) and actively involved in the development of a new arts center in Freeport. She teaches painting at her studio and enjoys views across her neighbor’s farm fields every day.”

— Bio via Artspacemaine.com (Liz Prescott)


✍️ Until next time!


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