First Day of Summer is Tomorrow!

Charlie’s new (smaller) pool…

Well, tomorrow is the day! The first day of summer, June 20, 2021. Woohoo! A time of year so many of you are looking forward to. Out come the beach and pool supplies, quicker and lighter food to eat – ironically, even with the heat, more time spent outdoors. Summer is a good time to relax, grab a book and an iced tea and chill for a bit.

We have a #winwin situation with Charlie’s pool. It helps to keep him cool when we want to be outside. We place his pool near a plant that is in need of water (we have a lot of hydrangeas which are absolutely GLOWING right now), so after his daily swim 😉 (which is really just standing in water, trying to pick up his ball, or chasing the hose while standing in the pool) we dump that water (no need to breed mosquitoes, right?) on the plants that need it. We only pull the pool out when we’re outside for a period of time.

I hope you have wonderful plans in store this summer! 😎☀️🌞🌻⛱🧴🌊🏝🐚🥗🍒🥒🍓 and I’ve got to add this for me, bless my heart… 🥵😉

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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