Monhegan & Manana Islands at Sunset

Monhegan and Manana Islands at Sunset

So many of us are missing our vacations right now. #damncovid This photo is from a few years ago. We’ve all been in a holding pattern, some of us more than others, for quite some time now. I read something that made me smile.

If I would have known the last time I ate out was going to be my last time for so long I would have ordered dessert. #howtrueitis

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A beautiful sunset photo for you, taken from the porch of the Island Inn facing Manana Island. Sun is setting, birds are flying, the water is glowing and my dinner was on the table, but I couldn’t pass up taking a photo of this sunset to share!

Every dinner there was another stunning sunset – so beautiful it makes your jaw drop! #howblessedweare

I thought this photo was apropos for today. Thoughts of September 11, 2001. Say no more. 9/11 evokes memories in all of us. Most of us will remember exactly where we were or what we were doing when we heard about the tragedy that unfolded that day. #neverforget #thankfulforeveryday

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!); if you are interested, please contact me…


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