Our Happy Place!

Fred in our happy place Monhegan Hike 2015

Fred and I were hiking the trails on Monhegan several years ago. The island is one of the most beautiful places ever, with wondrous trails leading to cliffs and ocean. Ahh, the sites, the sounds (or lack thereof), and the freshest air ever!

We had been visiting San Francisco, CA and loved it there – so much to see and do. Then we thought we would try East coast one year then West coast the next year. Not sure what happened with that. Haven’t been anywhere on vacation but Maine since we first visited in 2006!

Monhegan, Maine, for those of you who have not been, is a highly recommended place to visit. Read about it – I have many images on this site (use the search function) – wow, wow, wow! I know we need to venture out, visit other places, but we only have a finite amount of time, so we’ve been sticking with what we know is heaven to us.

Well, we are winding down with summer 🙌 – our summer is like an area of the world that has a long winter – you look forward to the sunshine, we look forward to cooler weather. In the winter we love living here, in the summer we think we should move to Maine – two homes isn’t something either of us want or need. One is enough 😉

I hope your week was filled with a sense of wonder, peace, good food, visits from a distance and the excitement of school classes beginning, whether in person or online. Enjoy every minute!

✍️ Until next time… #maytheforcebewithyou

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


6 thoughts on “Our Happy Place!

    1. What a beautiful memory. I remember it like it was yesterday… we connected that year and kept in touch daily for about a year… very special times. I know we all miss it. This pandemic, ugh… I’m trying to remain positive, we’re all healthy and for that I am truly grateful – 🙏 that we can all meet up next year! 💕🤞💫✨


    1. Thank you Susan! It’s funny how some of us feel a magnetic pull to the island. It’s such a special place. It always makes me laugh when we run into the few people that don’t get it and want to leave. There is no mall, no golfing, etc. THANK GOODNESS, haha… to each his own. It’s our happy place full of magic! ✨💫🌟


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