A Photo From the Archives | Rockport, ME

A Photo From the Archives | Rockport, ME

I have so many images on my computer – it’s getting a little mind boggling. Last year I spent a good week going through images and deleting. But I love so many of them and keep them – time to “spring clean” again!

This photo was taken years ago in Rockport, ME. I LOVE the way the light hits the water and creates those interesting shapes. It’s more like a painting to me than an actual image. The cool, well used boats look so interesting together – even though there are an even number of them (a no-no when trying to keep things interesting).

Can you believe February has begun?! Good thing, since Valentine’s Day merchandise has been out since Christmas!

Have a great Saturday and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “A Photo From the Archives | Rockport, ME

  1. This is a gorgeous photograph and I agree it looks like a painting (I would def paint it!) as far as the no no in the number of them goes the boats are different sizes, different positions, different shapes, tone light and color variations and oars are different – plenty of detail and interest for the eye – in a word perfect!

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    1. Thank you Alan, it sounds like rules are meant to be broken, haha. True the image isn’t four identical objects in the same light. They all have a beauty of their own! I used to take photos to paint from, but now I just take photos, haha, and I can’t stop 😳😉


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