First Trip to Maine…

First Trip to Maine – 2006

Maine. It’s our happy place. Fred and I started visiting Monhegan Island back in 2006. We haven’t been in several years but we’re looking to getting back there at some point. I remember this photo. I didn’t sleep and was so exhausted yet so happy to be on our way to the island. We were waiting for Monhegan Boatline’s next trip to the island. We didn’t have any idea what to expect (other than reading everything I could get my hands on)…

No sleep the night before we flew out of Charleston, again, no sleep the night we spent in Thomaston, ME up early and at the boatline ready to go. I slept SO GOOD that night, ha ha. Note: this is not a recent photo, I wish it was, but it’s not… it was 15 years ago. Ha. #easierthanafacelift I wish I still had that corduroy shirt!

We didn’t want to leave Maine. I still remember not wanting to leave so badly. It truly felt like a place we SHOULD be. Even now, we have more friends and people that we know that live in Maine than we do in Charleston.

Do you have a place that makes you feel like this?

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


6 thoughts on “First Trip to Maine…

    1. Heather Locke

      In 1989 as I packed my car to leave Maine and head home to NH, I cried. I was overcome by desire to stay. There is something magnetic about Maine. I have read articles over the years about others experiencing this emotional departure.
      Six years ago upon leaving Monhegan Island, the tears flowed again. What helps with the emotions is knowing that I can return.

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  1. meg bush

    You’re right about Maine. I do wonder if we would feel the same if we lived there year round. I’m sure you noticed that some of the farms have barns connected to the houses! They have that much snow! It’s magic. The light is calming

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    1. Meg, I have often wondered the same thing. We happen to visit the same time of year when we go, and it’s pretty much perfect. Not a lot of traffic, weather is wonderful, cool, but not cold – the light, as you mentioned, is 🤯 We are never there during all the other times. In the summer (here in Charleston, SC) we are ready to move to Maine, ha ha… the heat/humidity is oppressive at times, but then comes late fall/winter and we think WHY WOULD WE LEAVE THIS? There is no perfect place, and we aren’t up for more than one house, so… visiting seems to be our best option. At least today, ha ha…


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