It’s here… the Restoration catalog, NOW with one devoted to small spaces!

Last year when the massive Restoration Hardware catalog was delivered I slowly devoured it. Dreaming of each and every piece… but  W A I T ! Your home is your castle, right? BUT if you’re home isn’t LITERALLY a castle most of these pieces simply will not fit! This year I’m happy to report there is the big Restoration catalog that is such a pleasure to browse through, as well as a catalog devoted to the Outdoors… and now… one for small spaces, WOHOO Restoration Hardware! Each and every piece is classy without a doubt. These catalogs can easily double as coffee table books!

What?! You didn’t receive a catalog?? If interested, simply click HERE to be directed to Restoration Hardware’s catalog request page!

Here are a few pieces from their “Small Spaces” catalog… just a few… if I added every one that I truly adored you would be scrolling for hours! Here is the LINK to the Small Spaces catalog on their website…

Here’s a blip from their catalog… it’s gorgeous!

I like these pieces and I really like the French Partner’s Desk (top left)… gorgeous! Great job Restoration!

This bed looks too comfy, makes you want to jump right in… I would use a great piece of art instead, but that’s me… lovely!

Ok, check them out and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “It’s here… the Restoration catalog, NOW with one devoted to small spaces!

  1. And you would be hearing a GREAT BIG … sighhhhhh! I love Restoration Hardware. I was really excited to hear about the small spaces catalogue. I will be sending for that. Still waiting for my regular one. Hmmm. Anyway … loved the post. 😀


  2. The catalog is a work of art, as is their regular catalog… I could look at it for hours! Glad you’re excited to hear about the small spaces catalog, not all of us live in castles, ha ha… Thanks for commenting!


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