It’s here… the Restoration catalog, NOW with one devoted to small spaces!

Last year when the massive Restoration Hardware catalog was delivered I slowly devoured it. Dreaming of each and every piece… but  W A I T ! Your home is your castle, right? BUT if you’re home isn’t LITERALLY a castle most of these pieces simply will not fit! This year I’m happy to report there is the big Restoration catalog that is such a pleasure to browse through, as well as a catalog devoted to the Outdoors… and now… one for small spaces, WOHOO Restoration Hardware! Each and every piece is classy without a doubt. These catalogs can easily double as coffee table books!

What?! You didn’t receive a catalog?? If interested, simply click HERE to be directed to Restoration Hardware’s catalog request page!

Here are a few pieces from their “Small Spaces” catalog… just a few… if I added every one that I truly adored you would be scrolling for hours! Here is the LINK to the Small Spaces catalog on their website…

Here’s a blip from their catalog… it’s gorgeous!

I like these pieces and I really like the French Partner’s Desk (top left)… gorgeous! Great job Restoration!

This bed looks too comfy, makes you want to jump right in… I would use a great piece of art instead, but that’s me… lovely!

Ok, check them out and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Artist (woodworker) to watch… Paul Baines!


Look at this stool. It’s a work of art no doubt, but do you want to know the most delightful thing about it? It’s COMFORTABLE! What? Yep. It’s comfortable beyond belief. This is high quality furniture and I think the prices are so reasonable. The first time we sat on one of these stools was at the Port Clyde General Store. There are a variety of finishes for the seat and the legs for you to choose from. A variety of heights among other beautiful furniture… it’s truly worth checking out!

These stools are made by Paul Baines Fine Woodworking. These are called Cathance River Stools and they are absolutely beautiful! Click HERE to read the story behind them. There is a Web Store as well as an actual place to go see, touch, sit… Here’s a blip from their website:

My shop is located in Bowdoinham, ME 04008. We are open from 8AM – 5PM. If you are ever in the neighborhood, give us a call at 207.571.8280, or please stop by!

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Finally! A table you can dance on!


The Brickmaker’s coffee table… now THIS is a table you can dance on! This table is large (55″ L x 36.5″ D x 17.5″ H). It’s sturdy and it has a fabulous look. It’s the perfect marriage of old and new. The wood is old, both the wood and the metal base are recycled, so you’re doing your part to be green! You don’t have to worry about water rings or getting a scratch. You can plop your feet on it, sit on it, stand on it and yes, dance, if you’re so inclined. Like I said this table is large and we have it in a small space so it really makes a statement.

I’m sure you’ve seen this table in many places, this image is taken from Sundance catalog… my oh my, what wonderful treasures they have!
Enjoy your day, I’ll catch you back here tomorrow…

Majby… Where comfort meets style AND low price!

What a sweet deal this is! Comfort and style you would think would come at a high price, but not MAJBY…  My husband and I love furniture… We’ve bought a ton of it (probably literally) over the past years, however within the past few years we’ve decided that the more formal look wasn’t really our thing, and we’ve moved it on, we now have furniture that feels more like us, a down sofa that’s slipcovered in a natural twill, an antique pine farmhouse table, a wooden brickmakers coffee table (future post), and the list goes on… We’ve had numerous types of dining room chairs, none of them inexpensive and none of them were “just right” for the long haul… A few years ago we decided to use two Mitchell Gold wingbacks, also slipcovered in natural fabric as our dining room chairs. After all there are only two of us… Now if we have people over, a few occasional chairs would be nice… since two more wingbacks would be overpowering at this long narrow farmhouse table…  In the winter we really use that dining room alot. We build fires in the winter (nothing better than watching the fireplace!). One night we were watching our favorite designer (Sarah Richardson… is there ANY house that woman can’t make right? It amazes me how she tears down walls, digs basements, changes entryways, and WHOA the difference it makes… although she has a mighty hefty budget AND a ton of workers… she can visualize like no one I’ve ever seen!). She was renovating a dining room in the house she bought and she had rather expensive furnishings, then it came to the chairs, she needed lots of them. (Click HERE to see) ENTER… THE MAJBY chair. We’re trying to remember how we figured out the chair name… I’m sure it was with the close assistance of our friend… GOOGLE. Anyway, saw that it came from IKEA. Closest Ikea to us is in Charlotte, NC. You can’t call and pay for it and then go pick it up, you can’t put it on hold not even for a minute, so a neighbor of ours was in Charlotte and picked them up for us (THANK YOU MARGARET!). We weren’t sure what to expect not seeing them in person, but for $79.99 YOU CANNOT BEAT THEM. They’re comfortable, great looking, and did I mention affordable? We use them as desk chairs until we need them for an occaisonal/dining room chair. So if by chance you are on the lookout for a sharp looking chair that is high on style and low on cost, check it out!

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I am too comfortable to move…


Have you ever been too comfortable to move? Ha… This chair will make you so comfortable it’s actually difficult to move! Talk about relaxing. Everything hits you in just the right way, it reclines enough to make it heaven on earth! It’s a wonderful combination of leather and wood that will make your heart swoon (ok, so I’m dramatic… truly, is this the first time you realized that? ha ha). If you’ve never sat in an Ekornes Stressless chair I highly recommend it UNLESS you’re a couch potato trying to change your ways… We walk… alot… but at night when I hit this chair I’m out… Our walls are a deep milk chocolate brown so this leather looks beautiful as a contrast. Many furniture stores carry Ekornes, check it out sometime! The chair pictured is our model, the ROYAL, it comes in Medium and Large. We decided on the Large because Charlie (dog) likes to sit in it with me. Lucky me!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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