Ro Sham Beaux – a beautiful place!

Ro Sham Beaux - Charleston, SC
R o  S h a m  B e a u x  – C h a r l e s t o n ,   S C 

Ro Sham Beaux.  What a fabulous lighting and design place that opened down the street from the gallery where I work. Located at 39 Broad Street, in Charleston, SC (in the heart of the historic district) – it brings even more style to the neighborhood! Fabulous lamps, tables and other miscellaneous pieces – this is one place you’re going to want to stop next time you’re downtown!

Read a bit about Ro Sham Beaux from their website:

Ro Sham Beaux is headed by owner and principal designer, Ann Yancy Rogers. Ann created her first lighting lines in NYC after graduating from the Portland School of Art. Since her early days in Manhattan, her work has been featured in magazines such as Metropolitan Home, House Beautiful, Veranda, and Charleston Home. In 1998 Ann relocated her lighting design firm, Y Lighting to Charleston, SC and then in 2010 launched Ro Sham Beaux.

Ro Sham Beaux was created to raise the standard in new and unique design. In addition to our production collection, Ro Sham Beaux specializes in custom services to the trade and hospitality industries, allowing designers to create lighting for their particular style and application.

Ro Sham Beaux’s designs can be seen in some of the finest stores, homes and commercial spaces from Southampton to Beverly Hills. Our product line captures the essence of functional art while bringing a whimsical element of beauty and durability to the forefront.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Hey, next time you’re in town we’ll spend some time in this cool shop and have lunch! I’m sure you will love it! xoxo, me

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In search of the perfect wall light…

industrialsconce urbanoutfitters uo

Industrial Sconce by Urban Outfitters 

We’ve been searching high and low for the perfect little wall light for our sunroom. The walls are exposed brick, so hardwiring isn’t the best option, we are looking for a plug in wall light. I’ve found several pretty cool ones, all price ranges. The sconce above is an affordable $49 from Urban Outfitters. I like the cool look of the cord. It comes in white and what looks like stainless… I’m thinking about the white right now…

Lite Source LS-16350 Contemporary : Modern Swing Arm Wall Sconce from the Rhine Collection (litesourceinc)

Modern Swing Arm Wall Sconce from the Rhine Collection – Image:

The Modern Swing Arm Wall Sconce offers a contemporary twist to a typical reading light… very chic for only $103!

SwingArmWallLight CircaLighting

Swing Arm Wall Lamp by Circa Lighting  – Image:

You can never go wrong with the lighting at Circa. They have the most gorgeous options! We’re fortunate to live near a Circa Lighting in Charleston, SC, but if you don’t then you’ll be happy to know that they ship… for FREE! The Swing Arm Wall Lamp by Circa Lighting is a classic style with a contemporary edge to it. I like that it has a dimmer so you can leave it on for ambient lighting… and turn it up for task lighting, so you can see what you’re reading!



The Counterpoise Swing-Arm Wall Sconce is another classy option from Restoration Hardware. Classy lighting at this place, and this is no exception. My concern for where I want to put it is that I will hit my head on it when I get up? Hmmm, a consideration!


Tolomeo Micro Wall Lamp by Artemide – Image:

Fred and I have long admired the Tolomeo lighting collection, especially the micro wall lamp. Very cool on either side of a bed, but hmmmm, might be neat in the sunroom as well?!

Scissor Arm Pharmacy Wall Light Robert Abbey

Robert Abbey Bruno Collection Scissor Arm Pharmacy Plug In Wall Light

And finally… the Robert Abbey Bruno Collection Scissor Arm Pharmacy Plug-In Wall Light so very cool!

So many options and we’ve just begun to search! Having Google makes finding just exactly what you want so much easier!

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Lake Flato Porch Houses… Efficient, architecturally appealing and downright JAW DROPPING!

LakeFlatoPorchHouse LFPH

I KNOW! GORGEOUS! CONTEMPORARY! ECLECTIC! Whoa, awesome design coupled with energy efficient these architects have come up with a masterpiece! It would be really neat to have the main part of the home with a master bedroom/bathroom, living area, kitchen and powder room and have a separate area for guests or a studio! Imagine this situated where you can watch a sunrise/sunset?! Heaven. On. Earth!

This is from LAKE FLATS PORCH HOMES, and I think their design concept is downright brilliant! They can be as energy efficient as you like… install solar panels and you can become net zero or darn close to it! Check out the Lake Flato Porch House website… spread the word, these are awesome! If you live in a colder climate, check out my past post about G-O LOGIC Homes same concept, but for cold weather climates!

I am in love with this kitchen… all these fabulous windows, but protected with a wide overhang… so you get the light, just not the damaging bright direct light, and loooook at that counter space!

LakeFlatoKitchen lf

This shows one of the design plans… You have your living space in one area, connected to the master bedroom by a breezeway that can either be open or glassed in. Then another building with two bedrooms and a bathroom can be placed nearby. What I like about this is that it affords family/guests some privacy while keeping them close at the same time. You could also use it as a studio space and guest room… just think… the possibilities are endless!

OneLakeFLatoPlan lf


LakeFLatoBreezeway lf

Here is the Lake Flato concept, from their website:

Porch House, with a uniquely adaptable design and construction process, enables its inhabitants to be a partner with the environment, in a house shaped by the climate and place, where the landscape and rooms are a unified whole. Like many of our firm’s celebrated designs, the Porch House is born from the simplicity of vernacular architecture and leverages what Lake|Flato has learned over the years in terms of good design, quality, sustainability, and practicality.
The factory built rooms are arranged on the site to take advantage of views, breeze, solar orientation, and outdoor spaces.  The custom designed site built “porch elements”, such as breezeways, porches, overhangs, and carports are the “connecting tissue” which holds the rooms together while allowing the overall design to adapt to the unique characteristics of the site, the weather and the client’s program.Expected time from design approval to move in is 6-9 months. A Porch House uses considerably less energy than a typical house and can be designed for “net zero energy consumption” with the addition of photovoltaic panels. Current projections for hard building cost range around $150-225 per square foot.
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Bird Wallpaper by Schumacher, some of the classiest I’ve ever seen!

ATweet wallpaper inspired house sarah richardson hgtv

Is this not the most gorgeous powder room you’ve ever seen? I LOVE this wallpaper. Sarah Richardson used it on her latest season of Sarah’s House, a design show on HGTV.  I have to say she has impeccable taste. You’re seeing birds everywhere right now! On clothes, lamps, bedding, pillows and wallpaper. This wallpaper is by Schumacher, it’s called A-TWEET, Summer. It also comes in A-TWEET, Winter, a more subdued version. Gorgeous! Makes me want to tear apart the bathroom and start fresh, hee hee…

I’ll leave you with a swatch… I think I’ll at least go clean out the linen cupboard and bathroom cabinet… using the decluttering/organizing techniques used on the closet and the kitchen utensil drawer (and I’m STILL so happy every time I open that drawer and it doesn’t get stuck!)!

ATweet BirdWallpaper Schumacher

Image: Schumacher

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Powder room image via (found here)

Moose Head and Moose Antlers… What’s HOT now!!

White Lacquer Moose Head – Image: Z Gallerie

Have you noticed how hot MOOSE HEADS are becoming? I thought about this for above the fireplace… dark brown walls with a white lacquer moose head, how sharp would that be…? If we didn’t have so much wonderful art I would truly consider it! How about for your home? Is there somewhere a moose head could make a major statement??

Moose Antlers by Restoration Hardware (Image)

Restoration Hardware has some fabulous moose antlers in cast resin. They use antlers that were naturally shed to cast in resin. Great in a library, hmmmm??

Image: Diggs

Carved Wood Moose Head from Diggs… it’s a little pricier, but should be… it’s hand carved wood…

Image: Here

Oooh, and this one takes “night light” to a new level… The “Moo light” Moo Wall Lamp by Trond Svendgard & Ove Rogne

Iron Stag, Restoration Hardware

And one more by Restoration Hardware… this Iron Stag makes quite the statement doesn’t it?

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It’s here… the Restoration catalog, NOW with one devoted to small spaces!

Last year when the massive Restoration Hardware catalog was delivered I slowly devoured it. Dreaming of each and every piece… but  W A I T ! Your home is your castle, right? BUT if you’re home isn’t LITERALLY a castle most of these pieces simply will not fit! This year I’m happy to report there is the big Restoration catalog that is such a pleasure to browse through, as well as a catalog devoted to the Outdoors… and now… one for small spaces, WOHOO Restoration Hardware! Each and every piece is classy without a doubt. These catalogs can easily double as coffee table books!

What?! You didn’t receive a catalog?? If interested, simply click HERE to be directed to Restoration Hardware’s catalog request page!

Here are a few pieces from their “Small Spaces” catalog… just a few… if I added every one that I truly adored you would be scrolling for hours! Here is the LINK to the Small Spaces catalog on their website…

Here’s a blip from their catalog… it’s gorgeous!

I like these pieces and I really like the French Partner’s Desk (top left)… gorgeous! Great job Restoration!

This bed looks too comfy, makes you want to jump right in… I would use a great piece of art instead, but that’s me… lovely!

Ok, check them out and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Sullivan’s Island Home Tour, Day 5!

Hello there! We’re nearing the end of our Sullivan’s Island Home Tour. Over the past several weekends I have taken you inside one of the most beautiful homes on the island. I have taken MANY photos and you’ve seen precious few, but I tried to select the ones I thought would interest most of you! Today… two area’s: kid’s rooms and the original cottage (sitting area)… granted the children’s bedrooms were decorated for girls, but the space could easily be used for boy OR adults. Each room has a private bath, a walk-in closet and tons of storage. Tomorrow will be the last day of the tour… special design elements I thought might capture your attention…  so stay tuned!

Smart use of a window space, great for reading!
The playroom... complete with bunk beds, a TV, games, storage, bookshelves, etc.
A nice space that insures sweet dreams
A sweet room for a sweet girl

A brief stop at the butler’s pantry… such a functional space. Who doesn’t need more storage? For that matter… who doesn’t need a butler? hee.

Butler's Pantry

Very pretty…

Makes you want to be a butler, huh?

I like the mixture of textures, wood, seagrass as well as lucite, very nice!

Sitting area in original part of cottage

Ok, I’ll catch y’all back here tomorrow… final day of the house tour… don’t miss it!

Sullivan’s Island House Tour, Day 3…

Ok, it’s day three of the Gray Wade project on the beach. It’s a flawless design, perfect for beach living. So comfortably together yet each with its own defined space. I think this home is a very functional design. I love the UNfussyness of it all! Today is the kitchen… several pictures, mainly because I just couldn’t choose. I LOVE. THIS. KITCHEN. I love the windows instead of cabinets, the appliances, the simpleness of it all. I’m not fussy, I don’t care for busy, sometimes it’s harder to be more clean lined than it is to be fussy…  Enjoy the pics and I’ll catch you back here for day 4 of the house tour!

Love the light and greenery through the kitchen window!
Love windows on both sides of counter!
A great place to sit with a cup of coffee!

View from the kitchen… Good times!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Sullivan’s Island Home Tour, Day 1!

View from back of house…

Welcome to Sullivan’s Island, SC. How would you like to pull up to this home? (And this is the BACK entrance…)! In the upcoming weekends I’m going to be taking you on a tour of this gorgeous home, so check back often, you won’t want to miss it! The renovating and building of this house is a result of just one of the homes done  by the GRAY WADE company that is owned by Michael and Alison Brewer.   They did a magnificent job of keeping the home looking like it could have in it’s very best days… I didn’t see it when they bought it, but from what I’ve heard it’s the first house they bought that they couldn’t walk all the way through (floors not safe). The part of the house that was added on was done seamlessly. Its nearly impossible to tell where the original house stops and the newly added portion begins. They went to great detail to have it be that way and it shows…the outside is fabulous in itself, but it’s the inside where the magic begins!
The innovative couple who renovated and built this home have since moved to another gorgeous home in a fabulous location. Perhaps that will be a tour we can take together in the future?. Enjoy today’s photos, more tomorrow!

Back door – love how it’s wider than normal!
Front door… gorgeous green!
View of pool area from upstairs bedroom

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Majby… Where comfort meets style AND low price!

What a sweet deal this is! Comfort and style you would think would come at a high price, but not MAJBY…  My husband and I love furniture… We’ve bought a ton of it (probably literally) over the past years, however within the past few years we’ve decided that the more formal look wasn’t really our thing, and we’ve moved it on, we now have furniture that feels more like us, a down sofa that’s slipcovered in a natural twill, an antique pine farmhouse table, a wooden brickmakers coffee table (future post), and the list goes on… We’ve had numerous types of dining room chairs, none of them inexpensive and none of them were “just right” for the long haul… A few years ago we decided to use two Mitchell Gold wingbacks, also slipcovered in natural fabric as our dining room chairs. After all there are only two of us… Now if we have people over, a few occasional chairs would be nice… since two more wingbacks would be overpowering at this long narrow farmhouse table…  In the winter we really use that dining room alot. We build fires in the winter (nothing better than watching the fireplace!). One night we were watching our favorite designer (Sarah Richardson… is there ANY house that woman can’t make right? It amazes me how she tears down walls, digs basements, changes entryways, and WHOA the difference it makes… although she has a mighty hefty budget AND a ton of workers… she can visualize like no one I’ve ever seen!). She was renovating a dining room in the house she bought and she had rather expensive furnishings, then it came to the chairs, she needed lots of them. (Click HERE to see) ENTER… THE MAJBY chair. We’re trying to remember how we figured out the chair name… I’m sure it was with the close assistance of our friend… GOOGLE. Anyway, saw that it came from IKEA. Closest Ikea to us is in Charlotte, NC. You can’t call and pay for it and then go pick it up, you can’t put it on hold not even for a minute, so a neighbor of ours was in Charlotte and picked them up for us (THANK YOU MARGARET!). We weren’t sure what to expect not seeing them in person, but for $79.99 YOU CANNOT BEAT THEM. They’re comfortable, great looking, and did I mention affordable? We use them as desk chairs until we need them for an occaisonal/dining room chair. So if by chance you are on the lookout for a sharp looking chair that is high on style and low on cost, check it out!

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