[solution]: find a gorgeous painting, but have no wall space? here’s what you do!

Circa 1970 Lighted Easel by Restoration Hardware
Circa 1970 Lighted Easel by Restoration Hardware

At Restoration Hardware I believe they have a solution for everything. How many people have run across a beautiful painting, but you hear that they have no wall space… hmmm… well here is a solution! This is the Circa 1970 Lighted Easel available at Restoration Hardware! The price isn’t cheap ($895), but it affords you the ability to sneak in one more painting to your collection! This easel is height adjustable. Its design is sleek and classy. This easel is constructed of stainless steel and has cast brass fittings and a nickel finish. The built in spotlight adjusts at three points. The base is weighted for stability…


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  Featured Artist… Robert Lange!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… Giada’s Carbonara… oh! What could be better for a meatless Monday?

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Image via Restoration Hardware

Moose Head and Moose Antlers… What’s HOT now!!

White Lacquer Moose Head – Image: Z Gallerie

Have you noticed how hot MOOSE HEADS are becoming? I thought about this for above the fireplace… dark brown walls with a white lacquer moose head, how sharp would that be…? If we didn’t have so much wonderful art I would truly consider it! How about for your home? Is there somewhere a moose head could make a major statement??

Moose Antlers by Restoration Hardware (Image)

Restoration Hardware has some fabulous moose antlers in cast resin. They use antlers that were naturally shed to cast in resin. Great in a library, hmmmm??

Image: Diggs

Carved Wood Moose Head from Diggs… it’s a little pricier, but should be… it’s hand carved wood…

Image: Here

Oooh, and this one takes “night light” to a new level… The “Moo light” Moo Wall Lamp by Trond Svendgard & Ove Rogne

Iron Stag, Restoration Hardware

And one more by Restoration Hardware… this Iron Stag makes quite the statement doesn’t it?

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It’s here… the Restoration catalog, NOW with one devoted to small spaces!

Last year when the massive Restoration Hardware catalog was delivered I slowly devoured it. Dreaming of each and every piece… but  W A I T ! Your home is your castle, right? BUT if you’re home isn’t LITERALLY a castle most of these pieces simply will not fit! This year I’m happy to report there is the big Restoration catalog that is such a pleasure to browse through, as well as a catalog devoted to the Outdoors… and now… one for small spaces, WOHOO Restoration Hardware! Each and every piece is classy without a doubt. These catalogs can easily double as coffee table books!

What?! You didn’t receive a catalog?? If interested, simply click HERE to be directed to Restoration Hardware’s catalog request page!

Here are a few pieces from their “Small Spaces” catalog… just a few… if I added every one that I truly adored you would be scrolling for hours! Here is the LINK to the Small Spaces catalog on their website…

Here’s a blip from their catalog… it’s gorgeous!

I like these pieces and I really like the French Partner’s Desk (top left)… gorgeous! Great job Restoration!

This bed looks too comfy, makes you want to jump right in… I would use a great piece of art instead, but that’s me… lovely!

Ok, check them out and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!