Throwback photo: Port Clyde, Maine

Port Clyde, Maine

Maine is a drop dead gorgeous place to visit. It’s also like a double edged sword. You go, you enjoy, you are overtaken by the beauty, the clean air, the quiet, and then… you don’t want to go home. There are some of you out there who have had this exact reaction. I’ve loved pretty much everywhere I’ve gone to visit. But I have never felt the pull that I felt like I did when I was in Maine.

I remember sitting near Monhegan Boat Line telling Fred that we just can’t leave! I was so serious. I’m pretty sure whoever it was that started using MAINE, the way it should be overheard me telling Fred exactly that. THIS is how you should feel when you live somewhere. Like it’s meant to be. If we could have moved our jobs to that area it would have been a done deal. That was back in 2006. Now it seems the entire world is moving to Maine. Prices have gone up, there aren’t contractors available to do the work in many (most) cases. So during the summer we will reminisce about our chance at living in Maine. We will also reminisce about the fact that the reason that we didn’t move (other than our jobs) is the fact that I tend to overthink things and research a little too much. I love where we live, but it’s different. People are so real in Maine and I love that. Of course we always visit during a time of year when it’s cooler, there aren’t any bugs, the tourists are headed back to where they came from 😉 Kids are back in school, etc. Fall is ramping up. It’s like coming to Charleston during a freak cool spell during the summer. It would be nice, but it’s not the way it is all the time. #thegrassisalwaysgreener Soon it will be fall/winter and we will be thrilled that we are here. But during mid spring until mid fall we are definitely tipping the other way!

Maine: WE MISS YOU! Hope to see you one day soon!

No house plan this week, (sorry JM), back to regular posting next week.

Happy weekend y’all!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


5 thoughts on “Throwback photo: Port Clyde, Maine

  1. Susan Graeber

    we too have debated that big move ! Go in January sometime Gorgeous but dark so early. Go in April where you have had full
    spring for a while and it’s just starting . It is tempting though for sure

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  2. I emailed you years ago with a photo of our JR living in VT at the time. Well we made the big move a year ago to live on Southport Island, ME. Should have done it years ago. Everything you said about ME and the people is correct. We love it here. If you ever come this way, Boothbay Harbor/Southport let me know. We still are graced with our 14 yrs old JR Twiggy. Thanks for all your wonderful words and thoughts. Sandy

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