Thankful for another trip around the sun!

💫Another trip around the sun… thankful!💫

How many of you don’t have a lot of images of yourself? I’m the photo taker in the family and I’m not super comfy with it in reverse, so… a sprinkling of images throughout the years… and cake… and flowers. I’m thankful for another birthday (am I the only one that feels like they’re coming sooner and sooner??) I never really understood why birthdays are celebrated by the person who was born. They should celebrate the mother. Really!

So, thanks Mom! Thanks for enduring nine months of me 😉 Going to take a day and celebrate with my sweet husband. Chill, relax, do something fun or just stay home, I’m good with any of it!

I am so thankful to love where I live, and for being a home body amidst this pandemic and all that’s going on.

✍️ Until next time…


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