Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe!

Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe | Bonus: Makes two loaves!

We were in the middle of a heat wave. Charleston, as many of you know can get quite steamy. Heat index was 117℉ 🥵 – what better recipe to make than a batch of pumpkin bread? You know, have the oven going… brilliant! Actually, it really was. It was delightful to have a slice of pumpkin bread for breakfast or a hearty snack. It only bakes (in my oven) for 40 minutes (some ovens may take a bit longer) and POOF, you have two loaves of heaven right in front of your very eyes!

I pulled this recipe out of COOKING LIGHT magazine in 2000 and have been making it ever since.

This is a favorite recipe that I’ve made for a long, long time. Makes two 8” loaf pan size loafs. Fred isn’t big on raisins so I usually omit 😦 This past time I added a bunch of chopped walnuts. Makes it hearty (breakfast ;))
This recipe is my adaptation of Kim’s Best Pumpkin Bread recipe on MYRECIPES.COM – I started making this pumpkin bread back in 2000. This was in the low-fat era, so I’ve made some changes. This is my current version (click HERE to print the recipe as shown below):

If you like pumpkin bread, give this recipe a whirl, I think you’ll love it!

✍️ Until next time…


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