Still the Man of My Dreams…

Our Wedding Day…

Married twenty nine years to the love of my life. Fred is the sweetest. We are partners for life in every way. I cannot imagine spending life with anyone but him. We met years ago, clicked right away, and the rest is history. We are probably different than most couples – we like spending time together, ha ha. This is our story…

After moving to South Carolina years ago (April 1989) I dated several people. Each was a little more disappointing than the last. I decided I didn’t want to spend time in the dating scene (a nightmare if you’re an introvert, ha ha). I decided that I was going to quit looking for a good person to date. I had friends, family, and plenty to do, so heck with it. If it happens it happens but in no way am I going in search OF it.

A friend who I worked with asked if I could stay at her house and dog sit. I had done so many times in the past and it was a nice getaway, so I said yes. I packed up and headed to her house after work. We were standing in the driveway talking about their new puppy, when I noticed this sharp man in his white BMW (not that the type of car mattered) drive by and smile. WHAT A SMILE! He lived a few doors down from my friend. HOW did I not know this? My gut told me to slap a leash on the dog and take him for a walk. Off I went with the puppy happily walking alongside me. The sharp man was on his front porch putting on his shoes before going for a run. The dog walked right up to him and sat down. *Meant to be* – I introduced myself and we talked, he invited me over later to see his house. He went for a run and I walked the dog back to my friends house, although this time it didn’t go so well. The puppy put the brakes on. No way was he walking back, so I scooped him up and carried him home. My friend laughingly told me the dog has never been on a leash, so… that explains it. At least he walked when he needed to. #goodjobpuppy

Later that day I walked over and we talked and talked… he took me through his house which was gorgeous. So well decorated. Everything in its place. Clean. Neat. Beautiful. Fred is a sweet man with a good eye, after all he met me, right? #hehe When I was upstairs in the guest room that also had a wonderful antique roll-top desk, I spotted his diploma and made a point to remember his last name. #intel This all happened on a Thursday.

On Friday, I stopped and spoke to him for a while, and on Saturday I spoke to him early that morning, before he started a major endeavor in his backyard creating new beds, etc.

Sunday was Easter. I woke up that morning, and walked out to get the newspaper. There was a large gift bag hanging on the door, I brought it in and set it on the dining table thinking how lucky my friend is to receive such amazing gifts! After I thought about it a bit, I thought maybe I will check and see if there is a card… what if the gift is for ME? Having my doubts, but checking anyway I saw there WAS a card and it was addressed to ME! There was a large, beautiful stuffed rabbit along with the sweetest card ever. #stillhavetherabbit 😉

The rest is history.

I am thankful for this man every single day. I am grateful for his love, advice, and blessed to spend my time with him. We’ve had some hard times, but we’ve gotten through because of each other. Just knowing that someone is there for you with every fiber of their being is monumental. I love our life together.

For those of you still looking. Maybe stop trying so hard? Just go out, be nice, talk to people like you like to be talked to. Be genuine. Remember it’s not about what you’ve got, it’s how you make people feel. JUST BE YOU. #bereal I love our story but I also love hearing other people’s stories. Each is so different, so wonderful and so #meanttobe – I wish the same for you!

On another note, I appreciate this wedding photo even more today, since many who are in the photo are no longer here. #alwaysclosetomythoughts

Happy 29th Anniversary, Fred!! I’m looking forward to the next 29++ – Love you so much! xo, me 🙏❤️😘


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