Quick Cold Cucumber Soup – A favorite!

Cold Cucumber Soup – FIVE STARS! – Recipe by SimplyRecipes.com

You are looking at utter perfection in a very pretty glass. This cold cucumber soup recipe is what dreams are made of. Short ingredient list, comes together SO quickly and lasts a few days in the refrigerator. It’s pretty and more importantly it’s COLD and bursting with flavor! Seriously, a ten minute soup (well, a little extra with prep time, but not much).

If you enjoy cold cucumber soup (especially on a HOT day) run out and grab these ingredients if you don’t already have them, whip this up in a blender and get it in the fridge so it can be chilling. I would let it chill several hours, more if possible. I made two batches, one exactly as written and one with a few (very minor) changes… One recipe as written will fit into a 24oz. mason jar. This recipe is from SimplyRecipes.com – they have wonderful recipes, so check them out via the links below…

You can click HERE to print the cucumber soup as written by Simply Recipes. Below includes the few changes that I made (Greek yogurt in addition to sour cream and/or no sour cream and 1/2c Greek yogurt) – I only changed the order in which I tossed things into the blender. Basically everything EXCEPT the cucumbers went in the blender first. Turned on for a few seconds (better to do it for a very short time and check and repeat than to pulverize it in my opinion). Then I added the cucs in cut in large chunks and literally turned the VitaMix on/off, on/off and it was perfect. Do not forget to give it ample time to chill! It only gets better, and use fresh dill! You can buy fresh dill in the refrigerated veggie section at the grocery store.

Click HERE to print my version of the recipe by SimplyRecipes.com, as shown below… (it prints clearly unlike the image below).

s i m p l y r e c i p e s (food blog)

simplyrecipes.com | this recipe

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5 thoughts on “Quick Cold Cucumber Soup – A favorite!

    1. This IS so so so so so good! It’s best when made in the morning to serve for dinner or the night before for the next day. I’ve tried it with fresh and dried dill, fresh dill was SO FRESH, it made the entire house smell amazing. #thisrecipeisakeeper 😉


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  2. KD

    I once grew a bumper crop of cucumbers and in a gardening mag found a recipe for cold cucumber soup that intrigued me. As I recall the recipe had buttermilk and sour cream. I paired it with smoked salmon and fresh bagels as I live near a bagel shop. The combination was delicious. I gave my neighbors some to try. Apparently they enjoyed it enough to try to make it themselves. That’s not always the case though. I haven’t made it in a long time, but I do recall it was refreshing during the hot summer months. I always tend to think of soup as hot, not cold, so it was a new experience and I was surprised that it was so tasty. It’s no longer summer where I live and hot soup is on the horizon, but thanks for posting this recipe.

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    1. I love hearing stories from others about some of their favorites, your recipe sounds very much like the recipe I found. We made it so many times this summer when it was so warm nothing else really sounded good. It was delicious with a wonderful baggette and a wedge of Brie. 🧡🍁🧡


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