I am not in Maine, just wishing I was…

View from Horse Point Road, Port Clyde, Maine | September 2009

This is a heavenly scene from years ago… 2009 to be exact. My parents stayed with us at a cool cottage in Port Clyde before we headed over to Monhegan for a few days. What a great trip. This was out on a walk on Horse Point Road in Port Clyde. The views are stunning everywhere you look. When you mix the beauty of the sky and the cool light with the dark outline of the working boats it turns into one of my favorites!

Summer in Charleston, SC can be a tad toasty and humid. So when we look back at old images from Maine, we are filled with a longing to go back. And stay. 😉 What a view! Entertainment with no TV, how nice! We grew up on water and it really is so entertaining. Watching the fishing boats, jet skis, sailboats, swimmers, floaters, divers, police boats, freighters, barges, Coast Guard, etc. It’s fascinating!

Happy Wednesday, you made it halfway through the typical work week! 🙌

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

4 thoughts on “I am not in Maine, just wishing I was…

  1. heatherwlocke@gmail.com

    NE has had lots of rain. The trees and bushes are the deepest green, what I call a Dartmouth green. The growth is lush. When we drive north on 95 to get to our Maine house, the highway is like a swatch cut through deep woods.
    On Monday, two days ago, NE was awash in smoke from the fires in Canada. The smoke was thick and everywhere. There was no driving out of it. We had a purchase to make at the Apple store in Salem, NH. Heavy smoke — as I mentioned, no driving out of it. Yesterday was better, but not all clear by any means.

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    1. Your drive sounds beautiful. What a luxury to be so close to a getaway in another state and still have a short commute! The fires are awful… so many working so diligently to get them extinguished. I will not complain about rain today, I am thankful. You two stay safe!


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