Monhegan-Manana Sunset

View from Monhegan to Manana – Maine

Reminiscing my way through photos after several years of not going anywhere, like many of you. 🦠Look at this sky! This wasn’t even the most dramatic part of this particular sunset. Yet, it’s still so stunning. This photo was taken (in 2014) from Monhegan Island looking towards Manana (another island). Some people cross over to Manana (via boat) to hike around for a bit. I’ve been in a boat around the islands, they’re magnificent. You feel so small when you’re in a boat – the island rises up strong and proud.

I have STUNNING images of sunrises and sunsets. Some boggle the mind and if you saw the image you would swear it wasn’t real. (#butitwas) – One particular sunrise was like fire – it was so incredible (click link in orange to see it), I woke up, noticed the color in the room – hopped out of bed and when I saw what I saw I FLEW down the steps, camera and phone in hand – no coat – in my PJ’s.

I was outside for quite a while capturing the gorgeous skies – a woman stopped, she was worried about me because I had been outside for quite a while and the temp was in the 30’s. How sweet! I wasn’t cold a bit – talk about focused! haha. You meet so many wonderful people on Monhegan. #highlyrecommend

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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